How to eat before going to sleep?
Posted by Levi Hensley on 19 December 2015 06:55 PM


One of the most frequently asked questions is: “What and when should I eat before bed if I want to lose weight?”

Here are some guidelines that should help you decide what is best for your situation.

The fact is there are some very important processes take place while we sleep.

You body uses this time to repair, refresh and take care of overall housecleaning for both your physical body and your brain.

So getting the right type of nutrition an hour or two before bed will help with your recovery, prevent muscle damage, and maximize your hormonal response.

Most of us don’t exercise before bed, so the goal would then be to keep your body in an “anabolic” state. One of the best fuel for keeping the body in a building state is protein. Two very good protein options are: cottage cheese (full fat raw or Organic) or a high quality low carb nutrition shake.

If your routine does include exercising a few hours before going to bed, then you can get away with eating more carbs (clean carbs) without worrying about fat-spillover while you sleep.

You can also eat other healthy food choices a few hours before bed, just make sure you always get a complete protein source.

For more information check out:

4 Cycle Solution Bonus - Food Timing Tricks – Look at Pages. 20 & 21 for more information and tips. 


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