I just finished Cycle 4 (Maintenance Cycle - Diet Break) what do I do now?
Posted by Levi Hensley on 19 December 2015 08:22 PM


First of all we recommend you take a few minutes and give yourself a pat on the back. You have just successfully completed a very intense program. Even if you have farther to go towards your goals, you should take a moment to feel good about the progress you have already made.

Next step is to take a look at what your goals are.

If you still want to lose more fat, then you can do a 4 to 5 day depletion plan, have a cheat day and then follow the 4 Cycle Solution program but skipping cycle 1. So do Cycles 2 - 4 again.

Or if your goal is to maintain your current progress then you can start right in with cycle 2 and follow the program again through cycle 4.

If you want to break up the cycles you can move to another proven plan as well. The key as always is repetition and consistency. So whatever your choice, make sure you stick with it!

We have many great companies that we work with if you want some suggestions as to another plan to try just send us an email requesting more information:

- Customer Support Staff

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