Getting Started with 4 Cycle Solution
Posted by Levi Hensley on 19 December 2015 10:46 PM

Welcome to the rest of your life. 

As you follow this program, you will begin to understand the four Macro-Patterning™ cycles better and how to use this way of living as a lifestyle instead of an actual diet.

The cycles go in order from 1 – 8. Start by going through the Quick Start Guide. After that you can begin with Cycle 1 (The 7 Day Diet). You’ll notice that each of the four cycles have their own manual to follow for nutrition, while exercises for ALL 4 cycles are explained in the exercise training manual.

We usually recommend that you just focus on the current cycle and not read any of the others until you are ready to move on to the next cycle. This will keep you focused and not overwhelm you with information.

Next, you will want to use your Food Journal for nutrition tracking and the Workout Log sheets for the exercises that you will use every week. These tracking tools will help you stay on track and keep you focused on the program.

If you have any questions along the way, check the Knowledgebase articles or contact our support team at:






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