Portion Size Guidelines for the Nutrition Guides
Posted by Levi Hensley on 07 October 2014 05:06 PM

Your meal potions and frequency will depend on many different factors.

Typically, for men you are looking to consume two servings for each recipe and the women will have a single portion. Of course this is just a guideline, and each individual will adjust according to their exercise regemin, daily routine and metabolism.

Here are a list of portion guidelines you can use for each meal and three calorie options if you want to count them.


1. Protein = the size of your palm

2. Carbs = the size of your fist

3. Fats = the size of the end of your thumb x 2


Here’s a general ballpark figure on how you can count calories for fat loss.


1. 10xs your body weight = lose weight/burn fat

2. 12xs your body weight = maintain

3. 15xs your body weight = gain weight/lean muscle


For more details regarding portions and counting calories refer to the program guides below :


14 Day Rapid Fat Loss – Page 10 (PDF page 11)


4 Cycle Solution – Quick Start Guide Page 24-25 (PDF pages 25-26)





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