Can I use these programs if I can't tolerate Intense Exercises?
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Can I use these programs if I can't tolerate Intense Exercises?

One of the amazing things about the program Shaun has created is how almost anyone can adapt the system to work for them.

Most workouts you find will just give you how many repetitions you should do for a specific exercise and how many time you will repeat that series of exercises or how many sets you will do. This might work for someone who is already fit or have a background in working out. For anyone outside of these two narrow categories they may find themselves unable to complete the workout how it was meant to be used.

What Shaun has done to help many more people accomplish their current health and nutrition goals is to give you a new way to define your daily workout protocols.

He gives you systems that are based on timing and intensity levels, so you have full control over both of these variables. Also included is an intensity range (1-5), so you can still match the intensity level described but what that means is different for each person based on your personal health condition.

So for example if you have two different people using the program and they are both told to use an intensity level of 4 on the cardio protocol. here is how they will both be following the plan:

1. 25 yr old female who works out 5 days a week and is looking to lose the last 5 pounds. The intensity level of 4 could mean sprinting all out for 30 seconds following by fast walking for 60 seconds. Repeat 5 times. This intensity level will give the client what they need to boost her metabolism and start to burn those last extra pounds.

2. 55 yr old male who has over 25 pounds to lose and has very little weekly exercise experience. The level 4 intensity level for this client would be just enough exertion to push them out of their comfort zone. So using a stationary/recumbent bike or an elliptical machine for the same time frame and resting in between would be what is needed. 

Both examples would be pushing themselves slightly out of their comfort zones, but we don't want anyone passing out, throwing up or getting injured. The goal is to get you to slowly increase your stamina and endurance and that can be done at any intensity level. You would be surprised at how you can push yourself more than you normally do. If you don't do this, then you could end up like those people you see in the gym every week plodding along on treadmills for months or years and never looking any different.

We always suggest you check with your personal health care provider if you have specific health concerns. 

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