Are there times when you can eat Carbs the night before a HIRT workout?
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Eat Carbs the Night Before HIRT workouts?  Or Should you just Stay with Post Workout?


We have many members of our community who have been following us for some time now. Almost all of those people know that we are big supporter of the idea that it's not only what you eat, but when you eat it that matters

Food timing can have a huge impact on how your body uses the food you are feeding yourself. Because of this we get many questions about the best times to eat certain foods and if making small changes in what types of foods you eat later in the day can make a difference. 

So here is one of the main questions that we get from our clients: 

Is it ok to eat Carbs at night before an intense workout such as the H.I.R.T. protocol?

Like most questions we get, the first response is "It depends on what your current health and fitness goals are"

Here are the two categories most of the community with fall into and the answers for each group of people.

1. If your goal is over 15 pounds of fat loss -

When your objective is rapid fat loss of more than 15 pounds you want to do everything possible to reduce things that can slow your metabolism down. So eating at night is not something we recommend. If you're still trying to burn/lose significant amounts of fat, stick to consuming your Carbs post workout. This will allow your body to use a large portion of the Carbs a fuel to replace what you used up during the workout and give your body the nutrients it needs to keep going.

2. If your goal is Muscle gain or maintenance - 

If you're attempting to gain some lean muscle, and maintain the weight loss you have already achieved. Or if you have less than 15 pounds to lose and want to begin building a solid muscle foundation to work with. Then eating Carbs the night before an aggressive workout would be a great approach. Your body needs those Carbs to use as building blocks to create new lean muscles and this timing gives your body a great jump start. 

There could be other situations that you have to account for but the majority of people will be able to apply one of the two above choices. 

If you are interested in learning more about the exercise protocols used for high intensity workout then please check out the related article on Exercise Intervals, please visit our blogsite for many more answers to your health and fitness questions

Thanks and enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

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