Are there Specific Nutrient Percentages Based on Weight and Body Mass?
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Do you have Specific Nutrient Percentages Based on Weight and Body Mass? 

Here are basic guidelines you can follow for Baseline Days:

Carbs = 50%
Protein = 40%
Fats = 10%

Limit fat intake while eating Starches or Fruits. Why?

After consuming carbs, anything present in the bloodstream has a much greater likelihood of being shuttled into the cell because you’ve just spiked insulin – your body’s primary storage hormone.

So if you eat fat with your carbs when insulin levels are elevated, it’s more than likely to result in being stored as fat.

By keeping fat intake a little lower in meals that contain starches and/or fruits you’ll avoid insulin AND fatty acids being present together in the blood stream.

Remember, high glycemic carbs + fat = potential fat storage.

A good rule of thumb for combinations is:

  • Protein + Carbs (limit fats to under 10 grams)

  • Protein + Fat (limit carbs to under 10 grams)

Here are basic guidelines you can follow for Deplete days:

Carbs = 15%
Protein = 50%
Fats = 35%  


Deplete Day Benefits:

1. It's one of the fastest ways to drain the body of carbohydrate stores and/or muscle glycogen.
2. Depleting shuts off the body's dependence on sugars. Think of it as Fixing your broken metabolism.
3. Depleting helps lower insulin and stabilize blood sugar for faster fat loss.
4. Primes your muscles and hormones to “want” and “need” more carbs as you alternate back and forth with baseline days and living everyday life.

Hopefully using these tips will help you progress with the nutrition program. If you have more questions you can check out the 4 Cycle Solution for more in depth information. Here is the link to use: 4 Cycle Solution



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