How do I view and save my 4 Cycle Exercise Videos on an iDevice?
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How do I save and view my exercise videos?

Here are the steps to use to open the videos:

1. Open the file titled "Where are my exercise videos" and then click the link on that first page. 

2. Click (left click) on any video you want to view or download. For this example we will chose the first one "Introduction to resistance training"

4CS Video Image 1
3. It will open up in a new page and start to play. If you want to save the video to your computer then do the following...

4. Pause the video

5. Right click the blue link below the video screen on the page

6. Select "Save Target As..." from the menu

Image 2

7. Make sure that the file type says "MP4 Video", choose "Desktop" as your location and Click "Save" button.

Image 3

8. You will now have the video file downloaded to your computer desktop. The next steps will show you how to move this file to your iDevice.

9. Connect your iDevice to your PC, this should open iTunes on your PC. If not, then open iTunes on your PC and make sure your iDevice syncs with it.

10. On the top menu you will see the "Movies" tab, click that.

11. Once in the "Movies" section you will want to select the "Home Videos" tab.

Image 1

12. Now you will drag and drop (left click on the video image and hold the mouse button down as you drag the image) the video icon you just downloaded to your PC to the "Home Videos" area. Make sure you see the blue "Link" icon next to the image so you know it will save properly. 

Image 2

13. Now you will sync your iTunes on your PC to your iDevice. 

14. Click your device image on the top of the menu

15. Click the "Movies" tab on the left side

16. Click the box next to the video icon 

17. Click the "Apply" button so iTunes Syncs with your iDevice and the video file will show up in your "Video" app under "Home Movies"

Image 3

18. Repeat steps 1-17 for each video file you want on your iDevice. (NOTE: You can save all the videos you want first, then sync them all at the same time)

Enjoy the videos on your mobile device!

- Customer Support Staff


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