How to download 10 Day Emergency Blueprint on your PC
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How to Open 10 Day Emergency Blueprint on a PC


Here are the steps for opening your 10 Day Emergency Blueprint files:


Step 1 - open the email with the download link that was sent from Get Lean In 12

Step 2 - click on the link that will take you to the download page online

Step 3 - once the webpage opens click on the blue link that says: “Your 4 Cycle Solution 10 Day Emergency Fat Loss Blueprint”

image 1

Step 4 - put the mouse cursor over the blue link and right click on the mouse

image 1 

Step 5 - Select "Save Link As.." option in the drop down menu

Step 6 - next the save box should open. Make the Desktop your destination and press the save button

image 3

Step 7 - you should now see a zipped folder on your Desktop (a folder with a zipper on it) double click to open it

image 4

Step 8 - if you have the "Extract all files" option button shown then press that now. It will open your zipped files into a new folder with the same name. 

Step 9 - You should now be able to open the pdf files in your new unzipped folder. Try opening the first file and this is what you should see:

image 5

You should now be able to access all the 10 Day Fat Loss Blueprints files in the folder.


- Customer Support Staff


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