How to open 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Solution on a Mac
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How to open 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Solution on a Mac


Here are the steps for opening your 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss files:


Step 1 - open the email with the download link that was sent from Get Lean In 12

Step 2 - click on the link that will take you to the download page online

Step 3 - Once the webpage opens click on the blue link that says: “Your 14 Rapid Fat Loss System”

Step 4 - You should see an box in the bottom middle of the screen. Press the icon that looks like a computer monitor with an arrow pointing towards it. This will let you save the pdf file to any location on your computer.

Image 1 

Step 5 - You should see an box in the bottom middle of the screen. Use the "Where" menu to select the location you would like the file stored. Then press the "Save" button once you have the location selected. 

Image 2

Step 6 - Now open the file to make sure the download was successful and you have completed the download process.

Image 3 

Step 7 - Repeat steps 1-6 for each file link on the download page to save your complete package to your computer.


Enjoy your purchase!


- Customer Support Staff

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