Are any of your programs available in other languages?
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Are any of your programs available in other languages?

All of us at Get Lean In 12 are constantly working towards bringing our customers the best health and fitness assistance possible. Our development team is hard at work every day improving the programs we offer and creating new systems to help with your weight loss and fat burning goals. 

This year we were happy to release some amazing new systems as well as new additions to our flagship 7 Day Abs and 4 Cycle Solution systems. 

One of the questions we get asked quite often is: Can I get your program in my native language?

We have subscribers from all over the world who look to us for weight training and fitness tips. From Australia and New Zealand, China, India, Canada, Mexico and even Russia. 

Translation of our programs into other languages had been a goal for some time now. 

Well we are happy to announce that for the first time ever, our 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution is now available in Spanish!

You can check out the program offer by using the following link:

We also have the same team working on translating our other programs into Spanish as well, and will notify everyone via our mailing list as they are completed. 

The other great news is we now have a second team beginning the process of releasing 7 Day Abs in German. This will also be announced by email to our loyal subscribers first so you will have access to any promotions or pre-release offers first. 

If you are not on our mailing list yet send us a message to: to sign up for tons of free health and fitness information. 

That's all for now, keep checking for other language and release updates!


- Customer Support Staff

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