How can I stop binge eating and feel full after meals?
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How can I stop binge eating and feel full after meals?

This is a questions that comes up often for people who are new to the program. 

If you are new to this style of nutrition then your body will take some time to adapt. During this process it will continue to crave the bad food you had been consuming until you are able to convert your metabolism from sugar burning to fat burning. While this is first starting, you will be tempted to eat the high sugar and gluten foods. So we need to replace those foods with better choices for you. It doesn't mean you have to stop eating and starve yourself. Instead we suggest substituting those foods with healthy, filling options so you don't feel like you are missing out.

Once you have been using the system for a while you get into patterns that work for your body and schedule and it becomes almost habit. Until then, here are some suggestions from other members of the community who have had much success using the plan.

Tips and Suggestions:

1. Grapefruit - Eat half a grapefruit 15-30 min before eating your meal. It will release the hormone in your body that

triggers your "full" feeling so you will eat less. Use this only once a day.

2. Water - Drink extra water during the day, this will fill your stomach and keep away hunger pangs longer.

3. Supplements - Take BCAAs before and after workouts. This will keep you energy levels up for the workout and should help with any hunger pangs you may be experiencing. Some people have issues with taking BCAAs on an empty stomach so listen to your body when first trying this tip out.

4. Vegetables - Eat as many veggies during the day as you want. This is a great way to avoid craving the wrong foods. This will also help you get enough calories to feed your growing muscles and will provide you with much needed fiber.

Hopefully these will help you stick to the plan better and keep you on track for reaching your health and fitness goals.


- Customer Support Staff

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