How Are the 4 Cycle Fat Loss and the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Different?
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How Are the 4 Cycle Fat Loss and the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Different?

We get a lot of questions about different programs and how they compare. We will do our best to assist you with looking at some of the systems that are in use in the fitness industry today.

It will be best to break these up into a number of different knowledge base articles.

So the first set of programs we will discuss will be two of our own programs. This guide will try and help you decide between the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss System and the 4 Cycle Solution.

They are both great programs and will provide you with a combination of Nutrition and Exercise to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Here is a breakdown of both programs to help you choose what will be best for your goals.

First up, The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss program - 

14 Day RFL is a 2-week, aggressive rapid fat loss program designed to burn as much fat as possible in 2 weeks.  It will give you detailed workout guides so you can get the most out of every exercise routine and help your body burn off those stubborn fat area. Then it will complete the process with a nutrition system so you can use them together to get amazing results in the shortest time possible.

Next is the 4 Cycle Solution -

4 Cycle Solution is an 8-week program based on the same principles as 14 Day RFL, but it’s designed to be turned into a fun lifestyle that can be adhered to long-term.

This system will extend your time frame and help you shape your body over a 2 month period.

It also uses a balance of both exercise and nutrition to help you convert your body from a low functioning sugar burning system to a lean mean fat burning machine.

Then once you have switched over into a fat burning metabolism the program includes everything you need to turn the system into a lifestyle and help you keep the weight off.

So, what if both of the programs sound good to you?

We recommend that our customers start with 14-Day RFL and then go into 4 Cycle Solution afterward.  14-Day RFL will kickstart your fat loss journey and then 4 Cycle Solution will continue the journey and turn it into a lifestyle.

What if I purchased both programs at the same time?

For now, put 4 Cycle Solution aside and concentrate 100% on 14-Day RFL (the nutrition and exercises).  Once you're halfway through 14-Day RFL (1 week), then pull out the Quickstart Guide of 4CS and start to plan for the next week.  

This setup will most definitely guarantee you the best results while also keeping you focused on only so much at one time.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance getting started please contact our support team at:

If you would like more information on either program described above, use the following links for each system:

4 Cycle Solution

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss


Thank you and enjoy!


- Customer Support Staff


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