How to burn fat without counting calories?
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How to burn fat without counting calories


Many people who have been exercising or using a nutrition plan for any length of time are used to counting calorie. They have been told that this is the only way to stick with a plan and lose weight.

While this method does work and we use it short term for specific reasons, it is very time consuming and hard to keep up with our busy lives.

Are you interested in a better approach that will save you time, reduce your stress about when you eat and allow you to live life?


Here you go!


By using this simple portion control system you can give up counting calories and focus on burning that fat.

Here are the quick guidelines for your daily meals:

Portion size –

Carbs: Size of your fist

Protein: Size of your Palm

Fat: Size of your thumb


Yes, it is that easy. You can forget about weighing your foods or counting each and every calorie.

What are some of the benefits of using this method?

Portion Control Benefits:

1. Easy - You can easily monitor fat loss without counting calories

2. Maintains fat burning - It is simple yet continues to keep your body burning fat

3. Stable sugar levels - Added benefit of controlling blood sugar with proper foods and portions

4. More Energy - Will give you more control over your energy levels and overall health from day to day

5. Removes Fears - No more worries about over eating or binging

All of this is taken care of by making a habit of using the above portion guidelines each week. You will not feel like you are on a diet because your body will feel like it is part of your normal lifestyle and this can keep your metabolism in fat burning mode much longer.

Using the portion control guidelines along with proper food timing and the right food combinations are the three key factors for long term fat loss.

For more information about these techniques and for a detailed explanation check out Shaun’s: 4 Cycle Solution program


Thank you and enjoy!


- Customer Support Staff

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