How to stay motivated - Tips for long term success
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How to stay motivated: Tips for long term success


Why do so many people find themselves starting over again and again when it comes to losing weight?

Lack of motivation

It is hard to stick with a program when you begin to lose the momentum you had at the start and you don’t have a way to keep that motivation going. This can also be a problem once we lose the weight we wanted to and have hit our goal. Then we have the challenge of keeping the weight off long term.

The sad truth is that the majority of people continue to fail year after year with fat loss because they look for the quickest way possible or a short cut. The reality is most short cuts end up being the longest and sometimes most painful way possible.

If you have ever or are currently experiencing this, we have something you will love.

We have learned to overcome our frustrations by applying a set of small but very powerful changes to our lifestyle that allows us to stay learn and fit all year around.

The key? Learning how to build long-term, efficient fitness habits.

Here are three simple yet effective steps we use to keep going and how so many in our community get the results they are looking for:

1. Schedule it – You must plan and prepare ahead of time and schedule your workouts and meals. Schedule your workout for the day or week.

We found that an intense 12-20 minute routine performed within an hour of waking works best for most people. This will burn more fat and calories, supercharge your metabolism and give you lasting energy for the rest of the day.

Same goes for your meals. Take 15 minutes before bed to plan your next day’s eating schedule. This will allow you to focus on other things during the day and make your meals much more enjoyable.

2. Use and Accountability System – True success in anything is achieved when you hold yourself accountable to certain daily obligations, tasks, and large projects. If you don’t invest the time necessary then you will never reach your desired result.

How to do this -

  • A great way to do this is to invest in yourself. This is done easily by getting a system to follow and the financial investment is a great motivation to see it through to the end.
  • Another way to do this is by using an event or contest with well-defined deadlines and goals. The positive pressure will help you stay focused and creates the needed urgency to stick with your habits.
  • The last method is using a partner or friend and committing to weekly workouts, trainings or group sessions. This will allow you to have an extra level of support for when you don’t feel motivated.

3. Strive to be consistent, not perfect – No one is perfect so don’t try and hold yourself to unreachable standards. Learning to develop realistic, long-term lifestyle changes is the key to good health. In order to do this, you must come up with a plan that will help you create the habits you want that once set will last you a lifetime.

We are all human, so we will fall off the program from time to time. This is not failure. This just means we have to get right back on and not give up completely. Something to remember is that the people who are most successful in life are the ones who have failed more than anyone else and just kept getting back up until they reached their goal. Being consistent is starting now to do the small things that will lead you to good health and fitness. It is a journey not a destination to be reached. So enjoy the trip.

Using the 3 guidelines above will keep you on your own path to success. These ideas work in every aspect of your life and once you start using them to reach your fitness goals, you will find they will help you be productive in other areas as well.

This means that the changes in your body will be nothing compared to the person you become by sticking with these guidelines.

So remember, it will never be the perfect time to begin an exercise program. Just be determined to complete a small step that you can take now and get started on your path to creating the most powerful habits you have ever experienced.

Thank you and as always, enjoy.

- Customer Support Staff

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