Try this now and watch your confidence explode
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Try this now and watch your confidence explode

We hear of so many people who want to lose weight or get fit only focusing on the physical aspect of those goals. They completely miss out on something just as important for their success with any fat loss plan.

That is the mental aspect of fat loss and what role it plays in helping you stick with your plan.

Even if you have one of the most powerful plans on the planet (like our 7 Day Abs) in your hands and you plan out every detail, you’ll never succeed if you don’t have the mental discipline to follow through.

This is where the difference between knowledge and wisdom becomes important.

Knowledge is good and you need to learn what steps to take in order to reach your current health and fitness goals. Of course if that is all you ever do, just keep learning about how to lose weight but you never try it, then that knowledge is wasted.

So in order to succeed you must apply Wisdom to your fat loss plan. Wisdom is using your Knowledge and taking action on what you know.

The great news is that this Wisdom is not just for a special group of important people. Anyone who learns this difference and applies it to the right program will start to see amazing results in their bodies and overall health.

Want to know how to follow through with your commitments, have more discipline and use this wisdom to build unimaginable confidence?

Then you must master the following rule –

Always Do Feared Things First

Here is how it works…

The very first thing you want to do even before planning any training and nutrition plan – is to sit down and make a list of what’s in your schedule that could potentially get you off track or that you might want to put off because of fear.

You know what we are talking about. Whether it’s the kids going back to school, social gatherings, parties, football season, or friends. It’s called life. Now that you’re AWARE of what could get in your way, you’re half way there.

Here is how to beat these fears and build confidence:


For the next 7 days, agree to take 15 to 30 minutes every night before bed and do the follow 2 things.

  1. Plan your next day of nutrition and exercise in advance

There are things you know you have to do each day, such as driving the kids to school or making food for the family or being at your job on time. If it’s on your schedule it’s going to get done. Treat your exercise session exactly the same way.

Now imagine you are having a party at your house. You wouldn’t let everybody just show up, open up your fridge and hope for the best – would you? Nope. You plan ahead and have everything cooked and prepared ahead of time. You would plan out and schedule it in detail.

Treat your daily nutrition the just like that. Plan and pack everything

necessary in advance so you’re prepared and not tempted to cheat or eat fast food.

  1. Make a list of the 5 things you must complete the next day for you to have success

We call it the “Win List”. After you’ve written these 5 things (no more, no less), figure out which item on the list you dread and fear the most.

Next, make sure you accomplish this item first before you do anything else.

This is the most important takeaway from this article. Doing your most feared thing first will empower you and build your confidence unlike anything you’ve ever done.

This automatically makes tackling the rest of your “Win List” feel a heck of a lot easier. In fact, when you do feared things first, you’re almost guaranteed to annihilate your win list and take your personal discipline to a whole new level.

Put this into action right away and watch your confidence explode.

We would love to hear how this works for you. Please send us your success stories or any comments or thoughts to:


- Customer Support Staff


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