What would the meal timing look like for I.F. on the 4 Cycle Solution?
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What would the meal timing look like for I.F. on the 4 Cycle Solution?


Intermittent Fasting can be used in so many ways that there is not one right way to set up your meal times.

The main thing to look at is the length of the fasting period you will be using for your IF schedule.

Most people who use IF with the 4 Cycle program would be able to get in 3-4 meals a day. You would just shrink the time in-between the meals and increase the portion size of the meals to make up for the missing meals if you are following the exercise plan.

If you are new to IF or to the 4 Cycle Solution system then we suggest trying out either a 14 or a 16 hour fast period each day. Then once you get comfortable with how the 4 Cycle meal plans work and see how your body reacts to the fast you will know how to adjust the timing for the best results. Here are two samples for meal timing for each option -


Example 14 hour Fast:


Start IF at 10:00 pm Sunday night

Breakfast - 12:00 pm Monday Afternoon

Lunch - 3:00 pm

Dinner - 6:00 pm

Healthy Snack - 9:00 pm


Example 16 hour Fast:


Start IF at 9:00 pm Sunday night

Breakfast 1:00 pm Monday

Lunch - 4:00 pm

Dinner - 8:00 pm


These can be adjusted to fit your current lifestyle and you can also move meals around based on your workout schedule too. The key is to choose a plan that will be as easy to do as possible. If you are comfortable with the schedule then you will have a better chance of sticking to the IF routine. 

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