Why are your video files try to save as .html or .xml flies
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Video Files error: Failed file extension fix

Some of our community members have had some questions about downloading the video files from our programs successfully.

One of the errors that customer support sees on a number of tickets is getting the wrong file extension when trying to save the videos to your computer.

If you are getting a .html .htm or .xml in the “Save as type:” section then there is a simple fix to this issue.

Most of the time this occurs because the video player is being right-clicked and not the blue save-as link below the video screen.

If you right-click the blue link and select “save as” or “save target as…” you should see “MP4 Video” in the “Save as type:” section showing that it will save the file as a playable video.

save as type

If you try to click the blue link below the video screen and still do not get the “MP4 Video” to show then try the following extra steps:

  1. Left-click on the video screen
  2. It will open up a new screen and the video should load and start to play
  3. Press the pause button to stop the video playback
  4. You should see a new blue save as link below the video player
  5. Right-click on this new blue link and select “save target as…”
  6. Double check that “MP4 Video” shows in the “Save as type:” area.

Save target as

These two instructions have solved this download issue in every case so far. If you still are not able to get it to work please let us know by contacting our Customer Support team at:

Thank you and have a great day!

- Customer Support Staff

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