Cycle 1 (7 Day Carb Depletion) workout routine example for beginners
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Cycle 1 (7 Day Carb Depletion) workout routine example for beginners 

If you just purchased the 4 Cycle Solution and are looking at the program for the first time you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. You are not alone!

Many of our community members felt exactly the same way at first. They found that those feelings of uncertainty and fear quickly disappeared once they started the program and pushed past their fears. 

All of the workouts look complicated at first but once you start using them you will get comfortable quickly and will build your confidence with each week you complete. 

We wanted to give you a little extra help and show you a sample of how your first workout could look if you are new to this type of exercise or haven't done much weight lifting before. 

Let's take a look at Day 1 of the exercise plan for Cycle 1 of the program to help you get going.

Open the 7 Day Carb Depletion Exercise guide to page 13 and you will see the workout chart for Monday (Day 1).


The great thing about Shaun's program is that you can adapt it to your current physical condition by adjusting the intensity level. 

So if you look at the routine for day 1 you will see that it consists of exercises for Chest, Back and Legs.

First you will look at the set number on the guide and go in order.

Starting at set one you will move across to the exercise section and see that Chest is your first body part, so you will do push ups.

For beginners you can do push ups where you are on your knees instead of your feet to make it easier, or you can even lean against a wall and do push ups standing for even less resistance.

The next area says "Reps" that means how many times you do that movement. Then the section after that says "Rest" so that is how long you will rest before moving to Set #2.

Here is a breakdown of the first muscle group Set#1-10

Set #1 - you would do 10 push-ups and rest for 60 seconds

Set #2 - 10 push-ups (a little faster) and rest 60 seconds

Set #3 - 10 push-ups rest 60 sec

Set #4 - 10 push-ups (a little faster) rest 60 sec

Set #5 - 10 push-ups rest 60 sec

Set #6 - 10 push-ups rest 45 sec

Set #7 - 10 push-ups rest 45 sec

Set #8 - 10 push-ups rest 30 sec

Set #9 - 10 push-ups no rest

Set #10 - 10 push-ups rest 3 minutes

Next you would move onto sets 11-13 and pick new exercises for each muscle group. If you are just starting out then you can stop at set 10 and move on to the next body part.

We will use a Dumb-bell chest press for this example.

Here is a breakdown of the first muscle group Set#11-13

Set #11 - 8 DB Presses rest 10 sec

Set #12 - 12 DB Presses rest 10 sec

Set #13 - 25 DB Presses rest 2 minutes

For Round 2 you can skip this or if you have the energy repeat the example above for Set#14-16 and rest 3 minutes after set #16

Congratulations you have just completed the first muscle group! 

Back is the next body part to workout. This would be pull-ups or for beginners you can do seated rows or pull-backs. use the same number of reps and rest periods as above.


Then your last muscle group would be Legs. Squats or lunges work great. Same routine as above.

Way to go ... you have just finished your first workout routine and are on your way to reaching your health and fitness goals!


The key is to push your body a little outside your comfort zone each workout so your body starts to gain strength.


I hope this helps you get started. Don't worry about completing each workout at first, just build up your strength and endurance a little more each day.

If you don't know how to perform a specific exercise you can either look it up on google or youtube for free or we offer an exercise accelerator package that includes how-to videos for each movement:

Thank you for your time and enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

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