During Cycle 1 what can I substitute for Cottage Cheese?
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During Cycle 1 what can I substitute for Cottage Cheese?

Cottage Cheese is a great protein source and way to give your body what it needs during the 4 Cycle program. If you are not able to consume this or if you prefer another option then here are two suggestions that have helped out other community members with similar questions:

  1. You can substitute a full fat Greek yogurt for the cottage cheese. We prefer the full fat over a low fat version as it has less calories and lower sugar content most times. Also if you can find an Organic brand that would be even better, but it is not necessary.
  2. If that does not work for you then you can use any protein and fat from the approved list for that cycle instead of the cottage cheese.

As an example here is the approved list from the Cycle 1 nutrition plan –


Eggs and egg whites

Lean beef (try to use grass fed)

Turkey breast

Chicken breast

Low carb protein powder (low temp processed)

Fresh wild caught fish: Salmon, Trout, Tuna, Cod


Flaxseed oil
Krill oil or organic fish oil
Olive oil
Mayo (use small amounts and avoid canola or vegetable oils)
Small amounts of full fat cheese
Grass fed or organic butter
Coconut oil
Egg Yolks (cage free or farm fresh)
Heavy Cream

This should help you plan your meals and you should still experience the amazing results so many others have seen on this program.

Please check out our other knowledge base articles for answers to your other questions.

Thank you and Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

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