Tips for Salads on the 4 Cycle Solution
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Tips for Salads on the 4 Cycle Solution

At the bottom of most of the meal planner charts for each cycle you will see a section on Salads under the Guidelines and Directions.

It says to eat 2 small salads each day. We have received a lot of questions about this so here are some tips to help you with this part of the nutrition plan:

  1. It says to make a lettuce and cucumber salad. Many of our community members have had success using romaine, butter lettuce or red lettuce as the leafy green. Only use Iceburg lettuce as a last resort.
  2. You can substitute any of the vegetables on the approved list for that cycle if you do not want to use Cucumber in the salad. Just make sure you count the Impact carbs for that veggie, it is the number after the vegetable name on the Vegetable Requirement & Serving Sizes chart in the nutrition guide for each cycle.
  3. You can use up to 1 tablespoon of both the Olive Oil and the Vinegar. Just add it to your taste up to that amount.
  4. The salad is in addition to the Vegetable meals listed on the charts each week. The meals that show vegetables are just the minimum for that week. So you can eat veggies with every meal as long as you don’t go over the impact total for that week.

That should help you add in the salads to your weekly meal plans as simply as possible. If you have any other questions about this or anything else feel free to contact our support team at:


Thank you and Enjoy!


- Customer Support Staff

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