Do you have suggestions for programs that have less intense exercise routines?
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Do you have suggestions for programs that have intense exercise routines?

We have had some questions about the intensity of the exercise routines in some of our programs. That is a great question and everyone should make sure that whatever plan they decide to use is a right fit for their schedule and their current physical condition.

Our programs are designed for rapid weight loss, so many of the workout routines are designed to push your body. The great thing about how Shaun has created the protocols is that you can adjust the intensity of each exercise to match your current physical health and limitations

So you can pick the intensity of each workout giving you a level that does not push your body too hard. We want you out of your comfort zone but not so far that your body doesn't recover fast enough for your next workout.

We offer a very effective nutrition plan that you can use in combination with our exercises to get even better results with our 4 Cycle Solution. Here is a link to that system if you are interested:

4 Cycle Solution:

I also did a little research and found a few other programs from some of our friends in the industry that can be used if you are looking for less intense workout system overall:

Adam Steer’s – Yoga Fit
Dr. Jade Teta’s - Metabolic Aftershock
Sylvia Favela’s - Body Weight Pilates

It is always a good idea to change up your workout programs a couple times a year to this will also give you other options if you decide to change things up for a while.

Not matter what exercise program you decide on you can always use the nutrition guidelines from the 4 Cycle Solution and rotate your exercise options according to your preferences.

Thank you and enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

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