Suggestion for eating cheat meals and holiday feasts
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Suggestion for eating cheat meals and holiday feasts

Everyone is trying to avoid gaining unwanted belly fat during the holidays. Also many who use our programs are worried about cheat meals negatively affecting their progress because of the added calories and carbs during those meals.

Here is a great tip on how to do some Damage Control and reduce your stress during those times.

Meal Planning Tip:

Eat your favorite carbs or sweets last!

You always want to be sure to have your lean protein and vegetables first. Eating your foods in the wrong order can trigger your fat storing hormones and spike insulin levels.

Studies show that eating your protein and vegetables FIRST (before

carbohydrates) significantly decreases blood glucose levels by 29%, 37%,

and 17% at 30, 60, and 120-minutes respectively when blood samples were

taken after eating.

There is another benefit to this little trick. Because your blood sugar will be under control you will not have that strong feeling to sleep or be drowsy. So that means you can enjoy the occasion more and spend quality time with your family and friends.

So just remember, Eating vegetables and protein first means less fat storage.

Thank you and Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

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