What is the best way to start the 4 Cycle exercise plan?
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When beginning the exercise potion of the 4 Cycle solution, you have a couple options to choose from.

Your choice will be based mostly on your current level of fitness and your health goals.

We usually recommend taking one week planning for the nutrition portion of the guide, and to get your body prepared for the intense protocols that will be used in the 4 Cycle system. During this time you can try out some of the 12 min. cardio protocols 2-3 times that week. You can also add a day of steady state cardio as well. Make sure your intensity levels push you outside you comfort zone a little but do not place too much stress on your body.

Then once you are ready and your body is prepared you can start your Deplete Week (Cycle One) and then continue through with each of the four cycles.

Please make sure you're cleared by your doctor to exercise before trying this protocol.

Then get ready to make some amazing changes to your lifestyle and body!


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