How many grams of Carbs for Baseline days?
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How many grams of Carbs for Baseline days?

While the 4 Cycle Solution was designed so you would not have to worry about constantly counting how many grams or calories you are consuming on a daily basis, we have carb counting guidelines for those who enjoy doing so:

Here are the guidelines for your Carb intake on Baseline days:

Men: 150 to 200 grams

Women:100 to 125 grams

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you with your Baseline days on the 4 Cycle program:

Starch with meals –

Men: Add a starch to 3 different meals for that day

Women: add a starch to 2 different meals that day

When to consume your Starch –

You should also make sure to move your starch intake to pre (3 hours before) and post workout (45 to 60 minutes after). If you are not going to be working out on your Baseline day, then you want to consume your starches before 3 pm that day.

Substitutions -

You can Substitute a fruit for a starch on one of your meals during this day. 

For more details on Baseline days and how to maximize your weight loss on those days you can check out the following guide books:

Cycle 2 – Marco-Patterning Nutrition Manual (Page 19)

Cycle 4 – Diet Break Nutrition Manual (Pages 7-8)

If you do not currently have the 4 Cycle Solution, you can check it out by clicking the following link:

4 Cycle Solution:

Some clients have requested a more detailed meal plan and recipes to follow for each day, so a complete 4 Cycle Solution meal plan package is now being offered. For more details click the link below:

4 Cycle Meal Plan Pack:


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