Can you eat rice while on your programs?
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Rice is a staple for many diets and is used around the world as a starch source.

So the question comes up:

Can you eat rice while on our programs?

Happily, the answer is yes you can.

In fact white rice is one of the best sources of starches you can eat, but more on that a little later. Here are some tips on how to consume starches and carbs while still maximizing your weight loss first.

  1.        Do not eat your starch by itself. Remember this will spike your blood sugar more than other foods, so you want to combine it with a lean carb.
  2.        If you are going to limit your starch intake, only do so for a specific amount of time. This is prevent you from losing your lean muscle tissue or having your metabolism slow down too much.
  3.        The fewer ingredients you use with your starches the better. So steam your rice and bake your potatoes.

So why is white rice one of the best starch options for your body? Well many times the pure Amylopectin found in white starches like potatoes and rice is less problematic than a starch containing gluten or Lectins that you would find in whole grian/whole wheat foods.  

Here are some of the best starch choices for your meals (yes including white rice):

-          Tubers: Sweet potatoes, Potatoes

-          Squash: acorn or butternut

-          Different types of Rice

-          Gluten free oats

-          Fruit

With rice you want to make sure you are consuming them on your carb up days or free food/cheat meals. You can also have them as part of your post workout meals to get the fuel to your muscles instead of storing it as fat.

We hope this helps you with your meal plans and gives you something to look forward to as you continue on your path towards reaching your health and fitness goals.

- Customer Support Staff

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