Can you use Psyllium Husks as a fiber source?
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Can you use Psyllium husks as a fiber source on your program?

While Psyllium husks are one way to boost your fiber intake it is not the best choice when it comes to choosing between fiber sources.

We encourage everyone on our systems to try and use green veggies and fruits and berries as their main sources of fiber. This will give you the added benefit of nutrients and minerals as well. 

So yes you can use Psyllium husks on Deplete days, but only as a last resort. Remember having fiber in your daily diet is better than having no fiber at all. If you are going to use it, then make sure that you increase your water intake for that day to help your body use that type of fiber.

If you are not getting adequate fiber by eating enough veggies then you might also want to consider looking into adding a green supplement to your meal plans. Athletic Greens has a great choice for this, you can learn more about it by using the following link:

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Here is to your continued success!

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