What does drop/lower the weight mean for Triple Drop Sets
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What is a Triple Drop Set?

To answer this question let’s first review the benefits of the Triple Drop Set. This exercise technique accomplishes a number of different things if used properly. It is to be performed as a final set for that body part. The goal of the method is to work the muscle fibers to exhaustion so that you get the best results from the exertion.

It will allow you to do a higher number of reps than usual, because you reduce the amount of weight a number of times. Also you do this without taking breaks in between so you will keep the muscle tension going for a longer time frame. Lastly you will be using the same muscle group for an extended amount of time so you will be forcing more blood into the area, giving you a major “Pump” for that body part.

Here is an example of how a Triple Drop Sets is performed so you can see what is meant by dropping or lowering the weights.

We will use a basic bicep curl as an example.

Prep for the exercise –

You will want to have the 3 different weight amounts ready to go, so you will not waste time in between each weight group. You also want to use a weight amount that is high enough that you can reduce it two more times but not too high that you will not be able to complete a full three sets.

Side Note (You will typically have 3 minutes for rest between your Volume-Depletion cycle and the Drop Set Finishers, so use this time to do the weight set up)

So for this example we will use 20 Pound Dumbbells, 15 Pound Dumbbells and 10 Pound Dumbbells.

Triple Drop Set Example –

  • Perform 10 Bicep curls with the 20 lb weights – no rest


  • Perform 8 to 12 Bicep curls with the 15 lb weights – no rest


  • Perform 8 to 12 Bicep curls with the 10 lb weights – rest 90 sec.


  • Repeat Triple Drop Set cycle 1 more time


So that is what is meant by drop/lower the weights. You reduce the weight used for each rep so you can keep going for the entire exercise.

So try it for yourself next workout session and feel the amazing pump and the Lactic Acid burn as your muscles respond to the added intensity.

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