Why Are There No Leg Training in 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss
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Why Are There No Leg Training Days In 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program?

If you have been doing weight training or studing health and fitness for any time at all you know one of the biggest mistakes people make is to neglect leg day workouts. Your legs have some of the largest muscles in your body and if you only workout your upper body you run the risk of quickly becoming uneven. 

Have you ever noticed those guys on the beach with a large chest and super tiny chicken legs? That is what happens when you don't even out your workout routines. Another problem that can arise is that your smaller muscles will actually prevent your other muscles from growing. You body like symmetry and will try to maintian that balance.

So then why are there no set days for leg workouts?

There are some very specific reasons why this was done. So let's review them briefly below:  

1. Your legs get hammered on everyday of the plan with the GH surge workouts starters, bursting AND HIRT workouts with the sprints/intervals, so there's just no way your legs could recover. If you tear down your muscles and do not allow time for them to rebuild properly you will quickly hit a wall in your gains and strength growth. 

2. This was also done to prevent serious injury. Another mistake many body builders make is over training. This program was designed to hit all the major muscles groups during the 14 days. So if you had a specific day for legs, it would throw off the balance and again. I promise after the frist week you will see what we are talking about and you will notice your legs will be good and tired.

3. This is a 14 day RAPID fat loss plan, so it's strategically designed for rapid fat loss. Legs are very important to focus on when building muscle. When your goal is getting the most weight loss in a certain amount of time, then you have to change your exercise protocol to make sure that happens. That means focusing your time and efforts on movements that will give your body the best combiniation high intensity exercises and specific timing, which will turbo charge your fat burning system. 

Just following the plan directly will give your legs all the workout they need. The HIRT workout combined with the bursts/interval and/or sprints will work the living heck out of all the major muscle groups in your lower half.  Anymore would be overkill and potentially cause injury during this aggressive fat loss burst.

We hope this makes our thinking clearer and motivates you to get started with day 1 of your 14 day program as soon as possible. We can't wait to hear your personal success story in the near future!

- Customer Support Staff


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