Recommendations For Diabetics Who Want to Try our Programs
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Recommendations For Diabetics Who Want to Try 4 Cycle Solution or 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss

We need to get the legal stuff out of the way and make sure everyone knows that we are not doctors and anything we suggest is not to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. For a full disclaimer please click the link at the bottom of this article.

That being said, here are some guidelines and tips for how to use a diet and nutrition program in a safe and cautious manner.

We typically recommend that Diabetics have a small amount of protein before and after workouts. This will keep your sugar levels as balanced as possible.

If you're dealing with type II you will want to get clearance from your doctor before starting ANY new exercise regimen. Once you get clearance from your doctor to exercise and you don't have a huge issue with sugar, we would like to see you exercise in a "fasted" state. This means exercising in the a.m. after waking up on an empty stomach. If this does not work with your schedule then try to plan your workout 3 to 4 hours after a balanced meal.

If is also beneficial to wait 45 - 60 minutes after exercising before you eat, IF you are type II and can tolerate waiting. If waiting is not an opiton for you then just have a small amount of protein immediately after you finish your workout.

Again, if you have sugar issues proceed with caution. This can be VERY effective, but only if your current condition can tolerate it.

All of our programs have helps countless customers experience amazing results and we want the same for you. We believe in safety first, so using the above guidelines will help you stay healthy and safe while working on reaching your health and fitness goals.

If you would like to review the programs we offer here are links to each one for your reference:

7 day Ab Targeted Solution:

4 Cycle Solution:

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss:

We look forward to working with you one on one and hearing your success story in the near future!

- Customer Support Staff


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