Meal Timing Suggestions for Cheat Days
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Simple Tips On Timing Your Meals During Cheat Days

For anyone who has completed the first week of the 4 Cycle Solution they are faced with something that seems to strike fear in many of our clients. Yes, I am talking about the Cheat Day...

This is something that if you are trying your hardest to lose weight and to get rid of that unwanted fat seems to go against everything you have been taught before. The good news is that once you understand how you body works and see how Cheat days are essential for maximum weight loss, you will come to look forward to them and enjoy yourself and the meal.  

So how do you get the most out of your cheat days? 

Here are 3 simple tips you SHOULD remember during your Cheat Day:

  1. Make sure you don't binge or stuff yourself. This is a time to relax a bit and take a break from the strict rules of the other days, but it doesn't mean you have to go crazy. You can enjoy your favorite dessert and some extra starches without eating too much. If you are not hungry, don't force yourself to eat. 
  2. Stick to healthy choices when you can. You should eat some sweets but make sure they are not filled with HFCS or too many chemicals. You also want to make sure your meals still include lean protein and vegetables when possible. Increasing your water intake that day and the next will go a long way to help your body process the cheat meal and maintain your progress. 
  3. If you are including an exercise protocol with your nutrition plan, make sure you give it your all on your cheat day. You may not have the same energy as the other days, but just make sure you do not skip the workout. It will help you convert the extra calories to fuel and not store it as fat. 

That is pretty much it. Relax, enjoy the fact that you made it to your cheat meal and reward yourself for the progress you've made. You deserve it, and your body will respond to the break in your diet with accelerated weight loss.

- Customer Support Staff



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