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Are You Making Low-Carb Mistakes?

For those of you who just want to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of low carb approaches so you can instantly increase the fruits of your low carb efforts, here’s your answer.

10 Low Carb Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging Your Results:

  1. Skipping exercise: Many people think that just becuase they are on a diet or going low carb that they don’t need to exercise. The truth is it just doesn't work that way. The low carb diet sets up the right environment in your body for the exercise to do get you the fat burning results you are looking for.

Extra Tip: Be careful you don’t over do it. Getting in Four to five hours a week of intense exercise is more than enough when you combine it with cutting carbs. If you do anymore than this you could actually start doing more harm than good.

  1. Not getting enough fiber: People get so caught up in counting carbs and protein; they forget the most important thing is to keep their system regular. The key to doing that is: fiber. Eat lots of green vegetables (at every meal if you can). This also helps with vital nutrients and will help you stay full longer.
  1. Not drinking enough water and consuming too much alcohol : Think of water as the catalyst that makes everything else on a low carb plan work properly and run smoothly. Always consume at least 50% of your total body weight in ounces of filtered water each day.

Extra tip: Always have a water bottle nearby. If you don't have it in front of you or close by most people will forget to drink enough water.

Also, if you’re drinking socially a couple nights a week it will just destroy the hormonal effect you’re trying to create from healthy depleting of carbs. Save the booze for your "Cheat Days" and special occasions if your goal is to burn the most fat possible.

  1. Using nut butters or nuts: Portion control is the key here. It is so easy to go through half a can of nuts  before you realize it. Instead you want to try just having 10 to 12 as a serving size. Also, a lot of peanut butters have unhealthy fillers, hidden sugars, and there are just too many calories packed inside to be helpful. Nuts are great for you and they’re a healthy snack, but it's better to avoid them when you want to cut carbs.

Extra Tip: Use fish oils like super concentrated krill oil instead.  I recommend at least 10 grams a day when using the low carb system.

  1. Eating Fake low carb or no-carb foods. Most of the time these fake foods contain sugar alcohols, which will have an impact on your blood glucose and insulin. The main idea of using a low carb plan is to keep blood glucose and insulin low, so consuming these low carb quick fixes wrecks everything you are trying to accomplish in the first place. Don't get us started about the chemicals they lace this crap with, trust us it gets even worse when you add that in.
  1. Drinking too much dairy or milk: While there are a few exceptions to this rule, most of the time milk and dairy have too many hidden sugars. Also, most of them are not even a great protein source (unless it’s cottage cheese or Greek yogurt). So ditch the milk products until you add carb back into your plan. You can always supplement with a low cost calcium lactate supplement if you need to. You can still have a couple servings of dairy daily (and you should) but use cottage cheese, small amounts of low fat cheese, or Greek yogurt.
  1. Using protein powder over eating real food: Protein powder has it’s place, but nothing processed will ever take the place of real food. Only use protein powder as a back up a couple times a day if necessary, but try for 3 to 4 meals a day to be real food. This will keep you full, keep your metabolic rate in the zone (from digestion and heat) and provide you access to the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  2. Improper supplement use: People are always looking to use things like fat burners or metabolic enhancers instead of what’s actually necessary. Again, nothing will replace real food when low carb dieting, but specific supplements are crucial.

    Low carb programs will deplete your body of specific nutrients like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. So it makes sense to use things like vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to keep your body healthy while you use an aggressive approach.

  3. Abusing your Cheat Meals: It seems like most people either binge and cheat too much OR don’t cheat at all. This either crushes the hormonal response or creates a ton of fat spillover. When you stuff yourself during a cheat meal, you end up starting over from ground zero. On the other hand, if you don’t cheat about every 7 days, your thyroid hormones get suppressed and leptin levels drop severely. Both of these situations you want to avoid.

  4. Failing to take a real diet break. This is why 95% (or more) of people gain all or more of their weight back when they lose it. It’s either extreme dieting or extreme binging and unhealthy eating. There’s a significant lack of balance.

    By adding in “diet” breaks for a couple weeks at a time, you set yourself up for long-term success. During a diet break you want to continue with a healthy lifestyle, but you can use a more balanced approach.

    A great example would be Monday thru Friday consume 4 or 5 balanced meals a day (6 if you’re advanced) while avoiding starches after 6pm.

    You also should incorporate a traditional strategic cheat day on the weekend. Then maybe depleting (under 25 grams of impact carbs) one day of the week just to maintain your desired weight.

    In fact, we've had success stories form personal clients and friends who continue to lose 2 or 3 pounds a week with this approach when maintaining a good exercise routine.

    What does this accomplish? It gives you a better foundation and sets you up for a lifestyle of healthy eating instead of being stuck in the Yo-Yo syndrome all the time.

So there you have it. The 10 most common mistakes we see people make when they try to monitor carb intake for fat loss.

You print this list out so you will have it handy to refer to. I guarantee this will make a huge difference in your results with any low carb system. 

Thank you for your time!

- Customer Support Staff

Do you have Specific Nutrient Percentages Based on Weight and Body Mass? 

Here are basic guidelines you can follow for Baseline Days:

Carbs = 50%
Protein = 40%
Fats = 10%

Limit fat intake while eating Starches or Fruits. Why?

After consuming carbs, anything present in the bloodstream has a much greater likelihood of being shuttled into the cell because you’ve just spiked insulin – your body’s primary storage hormone.

So if you eat fat with your carbs when insulin levels are elevated, it’s more than likely to result in being stored as fat.

By keeping fat intake a little lower in meals that contain starches and/or fruits you’ll avoid insulin AND fatty acids being present together in the blood stream.

Remember, high glycemic carbs + fat = potential fat storage.

A good rule of thumb for combinations is:

  • Protein + Carbs (limit fats to under 10 grams)

  • Protein + Fat (limit carbs to under 10 grams)

Here are basic guidelines you can follow for Deplete days:

Carbs = 15%
Protein = 50%
Fats = 35%  


Deplete Day Benefits:

1. It's one of the fastest ways to drain the body of carbohydrate stores and/or muscle glycogen.
2. Depleting shuts off the body's dependence on sugars. Think of it as Fixing your broken metabolism.
3. Depleting helps lower insulin and stabilize blood sugar for faster fat loss.
4. Primes your muscles and hormones to “want” and “need” more carbs as you alternate back and forth with baseline days and living everyday life.

Hopefully using these tips will help you progress with the nutrition program. If you have more questions you can check out the 4 Cycle Solution for more in depth information. Here is the link to use: 4 Cycle Solution



- Customer Support Staff 



Eat Carbs the Night Before HIRT workouts?  Or Should you just Stay with Post Workout?


We have many members of our community who have been following us for some time now. Almost all of those people know that we are big supporter of the idea that it's not only what you eat, but when you eat it that matters

Food timing can have a huge impact on how your body uses the food you are feeding yourself. Because of this we get many questions about the best times to eat certain foods and if making small changes in what types of foods you eat later in the day can make a difference. 

So here is one of the main questions that we get from our clients: 

Is it ok to eat Carbs at night before an intense workout such as the H.I.R.T. protocol?

Like most questions we get, the first response is "It depends on what your current health and fitness goals are"

Here are the two categories most of the community with fall into and the answers for each group of people.

1. If your goal is over 15 pounds of fat loss -

When your objective is rapid fat loss of more than 15 pounds you want to do everything possible to reduce things that can slow your metabolism down. So eating at night is not something we recommend. If you're still trying to burn/lose significant amounts of fat, stick to consuming your Carbs post workout. This will allow your body to use a large portion of the Carbs a fuel to replace what you used up during the workout and give your body the nutrients it needs to keep going.

2. If your goal is Muscle gain or maintenance - 

If you're attempting to gain some lean muscle, and maintain the weight loss you have already achieved. Or if you have less than 15 pounds to lose and want to begin building a solid muscle foundation to work with. Then eating Carbs the night before an aggressive workout would be a great approach. Your body needs those Carbs to use as building blocks to create new lean muscles and this timing gives your body a great jump start. 

There could be other situations that you have to account for but the majority of people will be able to apply one of the two above choices. 

If you are interested in learning more about the exercise protocols used for high intensity workout then please check out the related article on Exercise Intervals, please visit our blogsite for many more answers to your health and fitness questions

Thanks and enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

Basic Tips for FF Desserts and Cheat Day Meals
For anyone who has gone through the 4 Cycle Solution program or who has completed a cycle, Cheat days are something they look forward to and plan for each week. 
Many people who are just starting out or reading the guides for the first time, the cheat day or free food dessert concept raises a number of questions. To try and simplify this part of the program and simplify things for you, we have created this article to provide some helpful tips.
  1. Determine your current weight loss goals. Once you have that goal in mind, you can adjust your cheat meals and dessert choices accordingly. If you have over 20 pounds to lose, consume 2 or 3 clean meals and ONE cheat meal that contains your favorite cheat food with a small piece of dessert. If you have under 20 pounds to lose, then you have use the whole day to consume more carbs and get a break from the strict meal plans. 
  2. Make sure that you have a dessert on your cheat day even if you have a lot of weight to lose. This is done for a specific reason and will help prevent any temptations to binge or go off the program.
  3. Increase your water intake the day after your cheat day, so you can flush your system and reduce the water weight quickly.
  4. Do your best to choose clean foods even on your cheat meals. So avoid artificial sweeteners, HFCS, and processed foods. Having fresh made desserts or from a local bakery or sweet shop is always best. Cheesecake, ice cream, baked goods and chocolate are some good options. 
  5. If you can, try to get in a very good, intense workout sometime that day. It will help your body burn the extra sugars and maintain your current progress.
Shaun has spent a lot of time providing these guidelines, but the rules are quite flexible. So take this time to relax a bit and to enjoy the fact that you have made it to another cheat meal, and have stuck to the Cycles meal plans. 
We hope this helps you get the most out of your cheat days and FF desserts. 

- Customer Support Staff


Can you switch up your cheat days?


This question comes up a lot for those who have been using our programs for a while.

The simple answer is yes you can. You don’t have to over analyze the adjustment, but here are some things to consider when adjusting you cheat days.

You can substitute or swap around your Macro-Patterning days whenever you want, but it is usually best to plan your Cheat Days after a Deplete or Carb Down day. Doing so will allow your body to use the majority of the extra carbs you eat on your Cheat Day, instead of storing it as fat.

You can read more on cheat days in both the Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 Nutrition guides found in the 4 Cycle Solution program. If you don’t have yet, you can check it out by following this link:

You can also get more Cheat Day tips in the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss system’s bonus guide “14-sneaky-fat-loss-tricks”. Here is the link to this system as well:

Now many people have also asked what to do if you do too many Cheat Days in a row and fall off the plan? This can happen to anyone, life and emergency situations can affect everyone. So if you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. Just remember that you can get right back on track, just as quick as you got off.

The best advice we have is to use 3 or 4 deplete or carb down days to reset your body and then restart from where you left off in the program. Remember that consistency is the key, so get back on a healthy routine and you will be fine.

So there you have it, the best way to reward yourself, give your body a break and enjoy your journey to reaching your health and fitness goals!

- Customer Support Staff

Can you use Psyllium husks as a fiber source on your program?

While Psyllium husks are one way to boost your fiber intake it is not the best choice when it comes to choosing between fiber sources.

We encourage everyone on our systems to try and use green veggies and fruits and berries as their main sources of fiber. This will give you the added benefit of nutrients and minerals as well. 

So yes you can use Psyllium husks on Deplete days, but only as a last resort. Remember having fiber in your daily diet is better than having no fiber at all. If you are going to use it, then make sure that you increase your water intake for that day to help your body use that type of fiber.

If you are not getting adequate fiber by eating enough veggies then you might also want to consider looking into adding a green supplement to your meal plans. Athletic Greens has a great choice for this, you can learn more about it by using the following link:

Limited time special Offer on Athletic Greens <---- Click Here

Here is to your continued success!

- Customer Support Staff


Common Fat Loss Myths and How to choose the best program for rapid Weight Loss

Everyone wants answers on how to reduce weight as quickly as possible. Sadly this causes many people to choose “overnight success” methods over and over again because they fail to reduce body fat.

The industry is flooded with many different weight loss reduction system that just don’t product results. Yet they are hyped in the media so much that people believe in them and eventually throw away loads of their hard earned cash.

If you are not sure how to reduce weight fast, pay close attention to the following tips:

Any legit weight loss program should include ways to give you the following 5 benefits –

  1. It should reduce insulin levels.
  2. Increase the levels of growth hormone – growth hormones improve metabolism and speed up the process of fat burning.
  3. Free Fatty Acids – Free fatty acids are released into the blood stream after performing high-intensity exercise and can be easily burned off after working out.
  4. Increase Brain Chemicals – many essential chemicals like endorphins are needed to keep the brain and body energized and focused to enhance body weight reduction.
  5. Effective fat burning – the program should effectively help in burning fat throughout the day.

The main problem with most methods is that they simply fail to address any of these fundamental requirements. They don’t reduce insulin levels, fail to promote the production of any growth hormones, lack introduction of free fatty acids to the blood stream, or do nothing to improve the secretion of essential brain chemicals and most importantly, do not maintain fat burning throughout the day.

"What can provide your body these positive qualities?"

You need a program that gives you meal plans to follow so you know exactly what is fueling your body. Also a workout system that can cut your exercise time in half and still boost your fat burning up to 300%.

If you are interested in these methods check out the following two programs:

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Solution

4 Cycle Solution

Check them out and see for yourself what you can accomplish when you have a system to follow.


- Customer Support Staff

Do you have a favorite Brand of Protein Powder?


This is a great question because if you are going to be doing any sort of consistent exercise then the simple fact is you will need more protein. The sad truth is that on-the-go protein sources are very hard to find.

This is why it is critical to find and invest in a high quality whey protein powder.

The protein powder I recommend you use with the 4 Cycle Solution is:


BioTRUST® Low Carb (Low Carb Time-Released Protein) Blend


o 100% All-Natural, Hormone-Free

o No Artificial Colors, Sweeteners or Flavors

o Time-Released Four Protein Blend

o Only 4g of Net Carbs Per Serving

o 4 Grams of High Quality Fiber


95% of the most popular whey protein powders are processed using high heat. As a result, the bioavailability (quality) of the protein is basically destroyed and prevents rapid absorption. That’s why you should always choose your protein from a source that uses a cool temperature process.



This ensures your body and your muscles are actually assimilating the protein and maximizing your recovery and fat loss.


BioTrust Low Carb is the perfect protein to use as a convenient meal or snack as a substitute on any of your 4 Cycle Solution meal plans. You can also use it for any of the recipes in your recipe book.


BioTrust Low Carb is 100% All-Natural. That means you won't find any artificial

colors, flavors, and most importantly artificial sweeteners in their protein… ever.

Instead, it’s sweetened naturally with stevia extract and a naturally sweet form of

fiber call inulin. In fact, BioTrust Low Carb packs 4 grams of high quality fiber

per serving and only 1 gram of sugar per 24 grams of protein!


It's unlikely you'll find that anywhere else in the protein market. BioTrust Low Carb is also sourced from cows not treated with the dangerous growth hormone rBGH, and rBST. I don't know about you, but it's certainly my goal to avoid putting synthetic, unnatural hormones into my body whenever possible. 


Now, if you're wondering if a particular protein product is rBGH- and rBST-free, here's the simple way to know:


If the label doesn't say rBGH- and rBST-free, it's NOT!


BioTRUST also went to great lengths to ensure the delicate proteins used in BioTrust Low Carb were, and are, carefully processed at low temperatures, preserving their bioavailability and natural state, unlike the vast majority of protein products out there loaded with "cheap," denatured proteins that result from cheaper, high-heat processing.


So BioTRUST Low Carb has both fast-acting and slow-acting proteins to ensure

the true time-released effect that no "whey-protein-only" product could ever

dream to achieve.


They still include whey protein concentrate at a 25% ratio due to a number of its unique properties, but they also include the more expensive, exotic proteins in their blend like slow-digesting Micellar Casein (the Rolls Royce of all proteins), Whey Protein Isolate, and Milk Protein Concentrate at the same 25%


And they give you exactly what they say they’re giving you.


Oh, and don’t forget about taste. This is definitely THE most important aspect of protein powder. I know I’m not going to consistently consume a shake unless it tastes great.


Not gonna happen.


After multiple attempts (8 separate trial runs) they finalized what I consider to be the best-tasting protein product on the market, and once you try it, I think you'll agree.


And to top it all off they offer a 1-year 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee, so there's nothing to lose apart from your most stubborn body fat.

If you want to check out this amazing product for yourself click the link below to go directly to the BioTRUST site:

BioTRUST® Low Carb Protein Powder


- Customer Support Staff



Do you have a Protein List for Vegetarians?


With more and more people switching to a vegan or vegetarian nutrition plan this questions has come up quite a lot recently. While our programs do have animal product recommendations in the meal plan and supplement guides, they can easily be adapted to a wide range of dietary needs.

We do have a few suggestions to assist you with these adjustments and have decided to include a handy chart for vegetarian substitution at the end of this article.

You want to make sure that you are getting the minerals and vitamins through another source that you would get eating animal proteins and fats. Another tips is to do your best to find organic or local raised produce for your diet to avoid pesticides and get the most nutrient dense foods possible. Lastly, it is recommended to stick with non-GMO foods a well, until more research is done on this practice.

One warning on Soy based protein: You want to check the source of the soy and also do some research on the effects of the Estrogen like effect of too much soy in your diet. Also soy is one of the highest GMO produced foods out there.

We try out best to do all we can to help our customers fit our programs to their lifestyles and want you to get the most out of your efforts. So here is the chart we mentioned earlier to help guide you to the best protein substitutions:

- Customer Support Staff



FOOD Serving Amount PROTEIN (gm) Calories per gram
Tempeh 1 cup 31 9.6
Soybeans, cooked 1 cup 29 9.6
Seitan 3 ounces 21 17.5
Lentils, cooked 1 cup 18 7.8
Black beans, cooked 1 cup 15 6.7
Kidney beans, cooked 1 cup 15 6.8
Chickpeas, cooked 1 cup 15 5.4
Pinto beans, cooked 1 cup 15 6.3
Lima beans, cooked 1 cup 15 6.8
Black-eyed peas, cooked 1 cup 13 6.7
Veggie burger 1 patty 13 18.6
Veggie baked beans 1 cup 12 5
Tofu, firm 4 ounces 11 10.6
Tofu, regular 4 ounces 10 10.7
Bagel 1 med. (3.5 oz) 10 3.9
Quinoa, cooked 1 cup 8 3.7
Peas, cooked 1 cup 8 6.6
Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), cooked 1/2 cup 8 15
Peanut butter 2 Tbsp 8 4.1
Veggie dog 1 link 8 13.3
Spaghetti, cooked 1 cup 8 3.7
Almonds 1/4 cup 8 3.7
Soy milk, commercial, plain 1 cup 7 7
Whole wheat bread 2 slices 7 5.2
Almond butter 2 Tbsp 7 3.4
Soy yogurt, plain 8 ounces 6 4
Bulgur, cooked 1 cup 6 3.7
Sunflower seeds 1/4 cup 6 3.3
Cashews 1/4 cup 5 2.7
Spinach, cooked 1 cup 5 13
Broccoli, cooked 1 cup 4 6.7

Do you have any suggestions for Stretching guides?

Stretching is very important both before and after exercise. In fact if you are not able to perform your exercise for a certain day, if you can do a 10-15 minute stretching routine that will help you stay on track and keep your body ready for the next day’s workout.

The term stretching actually covers a wide range of movements and can be as simple as the stretching most people learned in PE class at school to the advanced poses of Yoga or Tai Chi.

For the simple movements that you can use to get your body warmed up and ready before a workout session you can check out YouTube for a wide range of options to use. Doing 5-10 minutes of stretching before any of our exercise protocols is always recommended.

If you are looking for some more advanced stretching options we have done some searching and have found some programs from some of the top trainers in the industry you might enjoy.

Here are the links to these programs now:

Sylvia Favela’s - Body Weight Pilates:

Adam Steer’s - YogaFit: Shapeshifter Yoga:

Both of these programs are from our friends in the business and will give you everything you need to create a stretching routine that meets your needs.

If you need anything else or have other questions please contact our support team at:

Thank you and Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

Download instruction Master list for all Get Lean In 12 programs

Having troubles loading your new purchase to your device?

Here is a master list of step by step guides for every product we offer. Just find the product you want assistance with and then select your device and the link will take you to a set of detailed instructions with images.


Here is the list now –


4 Cycle Solution:






7 Day Ab Targeted Solution:







14 Day Rapid Fat Loss:




7 Day Video Accelerator Package:



Access videos for your 4 Cycle program:





If you still run into issues or have questions and need further assistance after using the step by step instruction guide, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at:

Thank you and enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

 Hormones: What You Can Do To Control Them?

When people are focused on weight loss most of them think of diets and exercise to accomplish their goals. What many people miss is how important your Hormones are when trying to drop those pounds. Not only can they affect how your body uses the foods you eat, the chemicals needed to burn fat and increase your metabolism are directly affected by your hormones.

So without getting to technical here is one area that affects your hormones and what you can do to counteract any negative effects.

Toxins and chemicals from outside sources can have a major effect on your body and hormones. So doing what you can to avoid pesticides and harsh, toxic chemicals in the foods you eat will be a great help with your weight loss goals.

Some people would say “just eat all Organic foods…”

This may sounds good, but the truth is it is very hard to accomplish. Anyone who has tried it quickly finds out how expensive it can be. Thankfully, it is not necessary to eat everything organic. The two following lists will help you decide what foods to get Organic and what foods will be fine farmed traditionally.

First we will start off with the food that should be purchased organic when possible. These are known to be highly sprayed with pesticides or contain higher levels of toxins. All of that will mess up your hormones, damage your DNA and have negative effects to your body on a cellular level. So we recommend buying these organic.

These are known as the Dirty Dozen:

  1. Nectarines
  2. Celery
  3. Apples
  4. Lettuce
  5. Strawberries
  6. Grapes
  7. Blueberries
  8. Peaches
  9. Potatoes
  10. Bell Peppers
  11. Cucumbers
  12. Spinach

Next we have a list of foods do not have to be sprayed as much as the list above and buying non-organic is fine and will save you a lot of your hard earned cash.

Here are the Clean Fifteen:

  1. Onions
  2. Asparagus
  3. Avocados
  4. Watermelon
  5. Cantaloupe
  6. Yams
  7. Coconuts
  8. Sweet Potatoes
  9. Kiwis
  10. Squash
  11. Eggplant
  12. Pineapple
  13. Oranges
  14. Peas
  15. Cabbage

You may want to write then down, print out this list or save it to your phone or tablet so you will have them with you on your next trip to the store.

For some more tips on balancing your Hormones check out Shuan’s blog post : Hormones – How to Master Them

If you are interested in how to use these foods to start burning fat, then you can check out Shaun’s nutrition plan in the 4 Cycle Solution.

If you want an exercise system to add to your current diet, then take a look at the 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution.

As always enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff


How Are the 4 Cycle Fat Loss and the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Different?

We get a lot of questions about different programs and how they compare. We will do our best to assist you with looking at some of the systems that are in use in the fitness industry today.

It will be best to break these up into a number of different knowledge base articles.

So the first set of programs we will discuss will be two of our own programs. This guide will try and help you decide between the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss System and the 4 Cycle Solution.

They are both great programs and will provide you with a combination of Nutrition and Exercise to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Here is a breakdown of both programs to help you choose what will be best for your goals.

First up, The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss program - 

14 Day RFL is a 2-week, aggressive rapid fat loss program designed to burn as much fat as possible in 2 weeks.  It will give you detailed workout guides so you can get the most out of every exercise routine and help your body burn off those stubborn fat area. Then it will complete the process with a nutrition system so you can use them together to get amazing results in the shortest time possible.

Next is the 4 Cycle Solution -

4 Cycle Solution is an 8-week program based on the same principles as 14 Day RFL, but it’s designed to be turned into a fun lifestyle that can be adhered to long-term.

This system will extend your time frame and help you shape your body over a 2 month period.

It also uses a balance of both exercise and nutrition to help you convert your body from a low functioning sugar burning system to a lean mean fat burning machine.

Then once you have switched over into a fat burning metabolism the program includes everything you need to turn the system into a lifestyle and help you keep the weight off.

So, what if both of the programs sound good to you?

We recommend that our customers start with 14-Day RFL and then go into 4 Cycle Solution afterward.  14-Day RFL will kickstart your fat loss journey and then 4 Cycle Solution will continue the journey and turn it into a lifestyle.

What if I purchased both programs at the same time?

For now, put 4 Cycle Solution aside and concentrate 100% on 14-Day RFL (the nutrition and exercises).  Once you're halfway through 14-Day RFL (1 week), then pull out the Quickstart Guide of 4CS and start to plan for the next week.  

This setup will most definitely guarantee you the best results while also keeping you focused on only so much at one time.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance getting started please contact our support team at:

If you would like more information on either program described above, use the following links for each system:

4 Cycle Solution

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss


Thank you and enjoy!


- Customer Support Staff


How can I stop binge eating and feel full after meals?

This is a questions that comes up often for people who are new to the program. 

If you are new to this style of nutrition then your body will take some time to adapt. During this process it will continue to crave the bad food you had been consuming until you are able to convert your metabolism from sugar burning to fat burning. While this is first starting, you will be tempted to eat the high sugar and gluten foods. So we need to replace those foods with better choices for you. It doesn't mean you have to stop eating and starve yourself. Instead we suggest substituting those foods with healthy, filling options so you don't feel like you are missing out.

Once you have been using the system for a while you get into patterns that work for your body and schedule and it becomes almost habit. Until then, here are some suggestions from other members of the community who have had much success using the plan.

Tips and Suggestions:

1. Grapefruit - Eat half a grapefruit 15-30 min before eating your meal. It will release the hormone in your body that

triggers your "full" feeling so you will eat less. Use this only once a day.

2. Water - Drink extra water during the day, this will fill your stomach and keep away hunger pangs longer.

3. Supplements - Take BCAAs before and after workouts. This will keep you energy levels up for the workout and should help with any hunger pangs you may be experiencing. Some people have issues with taking BCAAs on an empty stomach so listen to your body when first trying this tip out.

4. Vegetables - Eat as many veggies during the day as you want. This is a great way to avoid craving the wrong foods. This will also help you get enough calories to feed your growing muscles and will provide you with much needed fiber.

Hopefully these will help you stick to the plan better and keep you on track for reaching your health and fitness goals.


- Customer Support Staff

How many days a week should you workout your abs and how long? 

Here is the simple answer to this question, but be sure to check out the rest of this article for very helpful tips and suggestions.  

We suggest training your abs 3 times a week 15-20 minutes max. So many people spend too much time and waste their efforts on working their abs more than this. Sadly, the results drop dramatically after 15-20 minutes per workout and you could use that time in a much better way. 

Here are some tips that will help you boost your results and get the most out of the time you devote to your ab workouts:

1. Always perform your ab workout before any cardio you do that day. We suggest you stick to the cardio sequences in 14 DRFL or 4 Cycle. These work great with a 3 day a week ab routine.

2. You want to focus on increasing fat burning hormone production that will turn your body into a weight shedding machine and can even burn fat while you sleep.

3. Check out this  Ab Targeted video by Shaun for more suggestions.

For more details on great cardio sequences please check out the links below -

7 day Abs:

4 Cycle Solution:

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss:



- Customer Support Staff

How many grams of Carbs for Baseline days?

While the 4 Cycle Solution was designed so you would not have to worry about constantly counting how many grams or calories you are consuming on a daily basis, we have carb counting guidelines for those who enjoy doing so:

Here are the guidelines for your Carb intake on Baseline days:

Men: 150 to 200 grams

Women:100 to 125 grams

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you with your Baseline days on the 4 Cycle program:

Starch with meals –

Men: Add a starch to 3 different meals for that day

Women: add a starch to 2 different meals that day

When to consume your Starch –

You should also make sure to move your starch intake to pre (3 hours before) and post workout (45 to 60 minutes after). If you are not going to be working out on your Baseline day, then you want to consume your starches before 3 pm that day.

Substitutions -

You can Substitute a fruit for a starch on one of your meals during this day. 

For more details on Baseline days and how to maximize your weight loss on those days you can check out the following guide books:

Cycle 2 – Marco-Patterning Nutrition Manual (Page 19)

Cycle 4 – Diet Break Nutrition Manual (Pages 7-8)

If you do not currently have the 4 Cycle Solution, you can check it out by clicking the following link:

4 Cycle Solution:

Some clients have requested a more detailed meal plan and recipes to follow for each day, so a complete 4 Cycle Solution meal plan package is now being offered. For more details click the link below:

4 Cycle Meal Plan Pack:


- Customer Support Staff



How to burn fat without counting calories


Many people who have been exercising or using a nutrition plan for any length of time are used to counting calorie. They have been told that this is the only way to stick with a plan and lose weight.

While this method does work and we use it short term for specific reasons, it is very time consuming and hard to keep up with our busy lives.

Are you interested in a better approach that will save you time, reduce your stress about when you eat and allow you to live life?


Here you go!


By using this simple portion control system you can give up counting calories and focus on burning that fat.

Here are the quick guidelines for your daily meals:

Portion size –

Carbs: Size of your fist

Protein: Size of your Palm

Fat: Size of your thumb


Yes, it is that easy. You can forget about weighing your foods or counting each and every calorie.

What are some of the benefits of using this method?

Portion Control Benefits:

1. Easy - You can easily monitor fat loss without counting calories

2. Maintains fat burning - It is simple yet continues to keep your body burning fat

3. Stable sugar levels - Added benefit of controlling blood sugar with proper foods and portions

4. More Energy - Will give you more control over your energy levels and overall health from day to day

5. Removes Fears - No more worries about over eating or binging

All of this is taken care of by making a habit of using the above portion guidelines each week. You will not feel like you are on a diet because your body will feel like it is part of your normal lifestyle and this can keep your metabolism in fat burning mode much longer.

Using the portion control guidelines along with proper food timing and the right food combinations are the three key factors for long term fat loss.

For more information about these techniques and for a detailed explanation check out Shaun’s: 4 Cycle Solution program


Thank you and enjoy!


- Customer Support Staff

How to download 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss on your Android device


Step 1 - First you will want to download to apps to your device. Adobe Reader and AndroZip

Step 2 - Open the Play Store on your device and search for “Adobe Reader” first

image 1

Step 3 - Next search for “AndroZip” and install that app next

image 2

Step 4 - Now open the confirmation email that was sent to you after your purchase and press on the download link

Step 5 - Click on the download link found in the email on your Android device

Step 6 - Once the download page opens in your web browser, click on the blue link: “Your 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss”

image 1

Step 7 - 

press the "Your 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan" link in the download email that you received.

Step 8 - next press the blue "14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan" link.

Step 9 - Next you will see the “Complete action using” box. Press the red Adobe Reader icon now, and then press the "Always" or “Just once” button depending on your preference.

image 2

The PDF file will now open in Adobe Reader for you and it will be saved in the document section of the App.

Step 10 - Lastly, press the “return arrow” button in the bottom left to take you back to AndroZip.


 Image 3


Then repeat steps 8 - 10 for the other files on the download page.

You will now have the complete 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss program stored on your Android device.

- Customer Support Staff


How to download 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss on your iDevice


Here is a step by step guide on how to download your digital purchase on your device.

First make sure that you have the iBooks app installed on your iPad first.

Image 1 

Here are the steps to open your 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss .pdf:

1. press the "Your 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan" link in the download email that you received.

2. next press the blue "14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan" link.

Image 2

3. Once it opens you will see a white bar on top and to the far right of this you will see blue letters that say: Open in"iBooks" press that blue link on the guide will be saved directly to your iBook bookshelf for you.


 Image 3


Note: this grey bar disappears after a couple seconds but you can bring it right back by tapping anywhere on the 7 Day Ab image.

This will open your iBooks app for you and you should soon see the first PDF open on your device.

Image 4

Just repeat these steps for each PDF file on the download page and they will all be stored on your iBooks bookshelf.


- Customer Support Staff

How to download 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss on your PC


Follow these steps to download the 14 Day RFL .pdf files to your computer:


Step 1 -  First open the confirmation email that was sent to you after your puchase. You should see a link to the download page in that email. 

Image 1 


Step 2 - Right click on the link and one of these three options should be on the list that appears: "Save File As" or "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Click the one that matches your screen.

Image 2



Step 3 - Next it will open a save box asking you what to name the file and where you want it stored. Choose your desktop for now so you can find your files. 

Image 3 


Step 4 - Make your selections and click the "Save" button.

Note: make sure that the "Save as type:" says "Adobe Acrobat Document" 

You now have the .pdf file saved on your computer. You can create a new folder named "14 Day RFL" and store the files there.

Image 4

Repeat steps 1-4 to download the rest of the files listed on the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss download page.




- Customer Support Staff

Cheat days and cheat meals are great and can be the key that keeps you motivated and recharges you, so you stay excited about sticking to your exercise and nutrition program.

While the cheat day is designed to be a chance to relax and free yourself from the strict meals plans of the week, there are some guidelines that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Without following the suggestions below you run the risk of undoing the positive results of your hard work.

The first question you have to ask yourself is: “what are my current weight loss goals?”

If you have 20 pounds or more to lose, then you will want to stick to a much healthier cheat day. Try to consume 2 or 3 clean meals and then use ONE cheat meal that contains your favorite food with a small piece of dessert.

If you have less than 20 pounds to lose, then you can be much more loose with your cheat day. Try to stick to the following guidelines as much as possible but you may use the day to enjoy your favorite foods and relax a little.

Cheat day guidelines:

- Make sure breakfast is not a binge meal and includes a lean protein. 

- Drink 50 to 75 ounces of filtered water before noon. This will help prevent dehydration, set up the digestive system for a healthy cheat day, and prevent cravings early in the day. 

- You can fill up and satisfy yourself at each meal, but don’t over stuff yourself or eat just for the sake of eating.

- Try to avoid a lot of alcohol when cheating. If you do consume alcohol on this day - make sure you do it AFTER a few cheat meals, otherwise you could sabotage the hormonal effect of the cheat day. 

- Try to avoid a lot of deep fried foods and high fructose corn syrup. Deep fried foods are basically void of any nutritional value and therefore don’t provide any metabolic or hormonal benefits for the cheat. 

- Schedule some type of intense workout the morning of your cheat day.

- Don‘t weigh yourself for at least 2 to 3 days after your cheat day. This will keep you psychologically in the right spot because any weight you‘ve gained is just water weight from carbs.


For more information and further details about how to maximize your cheat day check out the following programs:

4 Cycle Solution:  Weeks 5-6 - Accelerated Fat Loss Nutrition Manual.pdf (Pages 10 - 11) 

14 Day Rapid Fast Loss: 14- sneaky-fat-loss-tricks.pdf (Pages 19 - 20)


- Customer Support Staff

How to open 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Solution on a Mac


Here are the steps for opening your 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss files:


Step 1 - open the email with the download link that was sent from Get Lean In 12

Step 2 - click on the link that will take you to the download page online

Step 3 - Once the webpage opens click on the blue link that says: “Your 14 Rapid Fat Loss System”

Step 4 - You should see an box in the bottom middle of the screen. Press the icon that looks like a computer monitor with an arrow pointing towards it. This will let you save the pdf file to any location on your computer.

Image 1 

Step 5 - You should see an box in the bottom middle of the screen. Use the "Where" menu to select the location you would like the file stored. Then press the "Save" button once you have the location selected. 

Image 2

Step 6 - Now open the file to make sure the download was successful and you have completed the download process.

Image 3 

Step 7 - Repeat steps 1-6 for each file link on the download page to save your complete package to your computer.


Enjoy your purchase!


- Customer Support Staff

How to stay motivated: Tips for long term success


Why do so many people find themselves starting over again and again when it comes to losing weight?

Lack of motivation

It is hard to stick with a program when you begin to lose the momentum you had at the start and you don’t have a way to keep that motivation going. This can also be a problem once we lose the weight we wanted to and have hit our goal. Then we have the challenge of keeping the weight off long term.

The sad truth is that the majority of people continue to fail year after year with fat loss because they look for the quickest way possible or a short cut. The reality is most short cuts end up being the longest and sometimes most painful way possible.

If you have ever or are currently experiencing this, we have something you will love.

We have learned to overcome our frustrations by applying a set of small but very powerful changes to our lifestyle that allows us to stay learn and fit all year around.

The key? Learning how to build long-term, efficient fitness habits.

Here are three simple yet effective steps we use to keep going and how so many in our community get the results they are looking for:

1. Schedule it – You must plan and prepare ahead of time and schedule your workouts and meals. Schedule your workout for the day or week.

We found that an intense 12-20 minute routine performed within an hour of waking works best for most people. This will burn more fat and calories, supercharge your metabolism and give you lasting energy for the rest of the day.

Same goes for your meals. Take 15 minutes before bed to plan your next day’s eating schedule. This will allow you to focus on other things during the day and make your meals much more enjoyable.

2. Use and Accountability System – True success in anything is achieved when you hold yourself accountable to certain daily obligations, tasks, and large projects. If you don’t invest the time necessary then you will never reach your desired result.

How to do this -

  • A great way to do this is to invest in yourself. This is done easily by getting a system to follow and the financial investment is a great motivation to see it through to the end.
  • Another way to do this is by using an event or contest with well-defined deadlines and goals. The positive pressure will help you stay focused and creates the needed urgency to stick with your habits.
  • The last method is using a partner or friend and committing to weekly workouts, trainings or group sessions. This will allow you to have an extra level of support for when you don’t feel motivated.

3. Strive to be consistent, not perfect – No one is perfect so don’t try and hold yourself to unreachable standards. Learning to develop realistic, long-term lifestyle changes is the key to good health. In order to do this, you must come up with a plan that will help you create the habits you want that once set will last you a lifetime.

We are all human, so we will fall off the program from time to time. This is not failure. This just means we have to get right back on and not give up completely. Something to remember is that the people who are most successful in life are the ones who have failed more than anyone else and just kept getting back up until they reached their goal. Being consistent is starting now to do the small things that will lead you to good health and fitness. It is a journey not a destination to be reached. So enjoy the trip.

Using the 3 guidelines above will keep you on your own path to success. These ideas work in every aspect of your life and once you start using them to reach your fitness goals, you will find they will help you be productive in other areas as well.

This means that the changes in your body will be nothing compared to the person you become by sticking with these guidelines.

So remember, it will never be the perfect time to begin an exercise program. Just be determined to complete a small step that you can take now and get started on your path to creating the most powerful habits you have ever experienced.

Thank you and as always, enjoy.

- Customer Support Staff

If I want a workout I can do at home, what program should I use?

The good news is that today there are many ways to get a complete workout from the comfort of your own home. As more people are looking for alternatives to having to join a Gym and leave their home to get the exercise they need, new methods have been created to accomplish this. 

Many people are using stretching or bodyweight programs or cable systems at home. These are great choices for a "home Gym" but you still need a system to follow in order to get the best results. 

While none of our programs are strictly “bodyweight training” systems, quite a few of our exercises can be done at home with dumbbells and a weight bench. This is one of the best options for many because of the low cost and the versatility that you have.

Adding weights (even lighter weights) to your exercise routine will greatly increase your results. You can work your way up to this and go slow with the weight progression. Everyone is starting at different physical conditions so you must do what works for your current situation.

We have had questions from client who are worried about getting "bulky" or gaining "too much" muscle. We assure them that there is nothing to worry about. If you use weights property, having lean, toned muscles is a key factor to having a body that’s in a “fat burning environment” 24/7.

So for this situation we would highly recommend our 4 Cycle Solution program with the optional exercise component. This program will give you the 8-week nutrition and exercise information necessary to build life-long, fat-burning habits.

You can check it out here: 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

While this program is in our opinion the best fit for these requirements, if you prefer to compare out programs yourself here are the other two options you would have:

7 Day Ab Targeted Solution

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss

Looking for something with a more basic nutrition plan

We get a lot of questions from people looking for a quick fix or a magic pill to take and get great fat loss results. The truth is that getting the amazing results that many of our community members have achieved on our programs is not hard, but it does take consistent effort and learning.

Once you are comfortable with the nutrition guidelines Shaun uses in his programs then you will have everything you need to create a nutrition plan that meets your needs and can be as simple or as detailed as you want.

If you are looking for another option to have when you want to switch things up or if you know you don’t have the time now to devote to learning the system but want to get started anyways and give yourself a head start for when you are ready, we have what you are looking for.

We have done some research for you and have found a number of options from some of our friends in the industry who have created programs you can jump into quickly and get started on your journey to weight loss and reaching your health and fitness goals.

Here are the links to use to get more details about the programs we selected for you:

Bruce Krahn’s – Trouble Spot Nutrition:

Dan Long’s – Xtreme Fat Loss:

Craig Ballentyne’s - 6 Minutes to Skinny:

Any of these systems can be used when you want to take a break from your current routine. It is always a good idea to switch things up every 3 to 4 months to keep things interesting and avoid hitting plateaus. We hope this will help you and get you started on your way to losing that suborn fat and keeping it off.

Let us know if we can assist you in any other way by contacting our customer support team at:

Thank you and Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

Ab Workouts

If I were to ask everyone reading this to raise their hand if you would want toned sculpted abdominal muscles, how many of you think that everyone's hands would be in the air right now? 

Even if you don't necessarily want the washboard stomach or the 6-Pack Abs we see in fitness ads, almost everyone could use a slimmer mid section right?

So how does one go about getting this?

Well most people try to accomplish this by spot training and just doing seemingly endless amounts of ab exercises. Sadly, that is why you do not see most people (even those who exercise regularly) with rock hard abs. 

Here are a few tips and suggestions that will go along way in helping you gain a slim waist and well toned abs

1. We suggest that you don't just focus on Abs, but instead add your Ab workout into a full body exercise program. If you do Ab training 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes that would be great. We suggest you do not go over this time frame and that you give your body enough time to rest in between Ab workouts. 

2. If you are trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat, then you might want to hold off on ab workouts and focus on switching your bodies metabolism first. Doing this will switch your body from using sugar as fuel to burning that fat instead. If you do this first, then when you do work your abs, you will see the results much quicker. For more info. Check out this cool Ab Targeted video by Shaun.

3. Looking at your nutrition and how what you eat affects your hormones and fat storing triggers will also help you slim down your waist. Shaun has created an amazing 8 Week Exercise and Nutrition system to do just that. Here is a link to the program now: 4 Cycle Solution

4. If you want a more aggressive approach, then you can check out the 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution for maximum impact in the shortest time. 

No matter what your personal goals or current physical condition these recommendations will help you reach your health and fitness goals. We are here to help and look forward to hearing your success story in the near future! 

- Customer Support Staff

Recommendations For Diabetics Who Want to Try 4 Cycle Solution or 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss

We need to get the legal stuff out of the way and make sure everyone knows that we are not doctors and anything we suggest is not to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. For a full disclaimer please click the link at the bottom of this article.

That being said, here are some guidelines and tips for how to use a diet and nutrition program in a safe and cautious manner.

We typically recommend that Diabetics have a small amount of protein before and after workouts. This will keep your sugar levels as balanced as possible.

If you're dealing with type II you will want to get clearance from your doctor before starting ANY new exercise regimen. Once you get clearance from your doctor to exercise and you don't have a huge issue with sugar, we would like to see you exercise in a "fasted" state. This means exercising in the a.m. after waking up on an empty stomach. If this does not work with your schedule then try to plan your workout 3 to 4 hours after a balanced meal.

If is also beneficial to wait 45 - 60 minutes after exercising before you eat, IF you are type II and can tolerate waiting. If waiting is not an opiton for you then just have a small amount of protein immediately after you finish your workout.

Again, if you have sugar issues proceed with caution. This can be VERY effective, but only if your current condition can tolerate it.

All of our programs have helps countless customers experience amazing results and we want the same for you. We believe in safety first, so using the above guidelines will help you stay healthy and safe while working on reaching your health and fitness goals.

If you would like to review the programs we offer here are links to each one for your reference:

7 day Ab Targeted Solution:

4 Cycle Solution:

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss:

We look forward to working with you one on one and hearing your success story in the near future!

- Customer Support Staff


Step by step download instruction links for ALL products


Having troubles loading your new purchase to your device?

Here is a master list of step by step guides for every product we offer. Just find the product you want and then select your device and it will provide you with detailed instructions with images to assist you.


4 Cycle Solution - Download Instruction Guides:

4 Cycle for iPad

4 Cycle for Android

4 Cycle for PC

4 Cycle for Mac


7 Day Ab Targeted Solution - Download Instruction Guides:

7 Day Ab for iPad

7 Day Ab for Android

7 Day Ab for PC

7 Day Ab for Mac

7 Day Ab for Kindle


14 Day Rapid Fat Loss - Download Instruction Guides:

14 Day RFL for iPad

14 Day RFL for PC


7 Day Video Accelerator System - Download Instruction Guides:

7 Day Video Pack for PC



- Customer Support Staff



Suggestion for eating cheat meals and holiday feasts

Everyone is trying to avoid gaining unwanted belly fat during the holidays. Also many who use our programs are worried about cheat meals negatively affecting their progress because of the added calories and carbs during those meals.

Here is a great tip on how to do some Damage Control and reduce your stress during those times.

Meal Planning Tip:

Eat your favorite carbs or sweets last!

You always want to be sure to have your lean protein and vegetables first. Eating your foods in the wrong order can trigger your fat storing hormones and spike insulin levels.

Studies show that eating your protein and vegetables FIRST (before

carbohydrates) significantly decreases blood glucose levels by 29%, 37%,

and 17% at 30, 60, and 120-minutes respectively when blood samples were

taken after eating.

There is another benefit to this little trick. Because your blood sugar will be under control you will not have that strong feeling to sleep or be drowsy. So that means you can enjoy the occasion more and spend quality time with your family and friends.

So just remember, Eating vegetables and protein first means less fat storage.

Thank you and Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

The number one component of any successful Fat Loss Plan

Can you guess the answer to this question?

Some people would say hard work, or maybe depriving yourself of the foods you love, others spend hours and hours on cardio machines trying to get fit.

While it is true that each of these can work sometimes they do not work for everyone or are they even possible for many people to maintain.

So what is the answer? One word …



The truth is you will never see results unless you understand how proper intensity is a must for any fat loss system.

If you are not applying the proper intensity during your exercise or workout routine then you may find yourself trapped in the same place for years with little or no results.

Now for some people the word “Intensity” can be a bit intimidating. If this is true in your case, don’t worry you are not alone. Here is a little secret most people don’t realize about intensity when talking about fat loss.

Everyone has a different level of intensity needed to produce results. What does that mean? That depending on your current age, your gender, your level of physical fitness and any health issues you are dealing with will all affect what your personal Intensity level.

That means that if a fat loss program is based on intensity levels instead of a certain number of sets and reps with a specific amount of weight it can be used by a wide range of people to get amazing results.

So you can have an advanced bodybuilder and a fit 65 year old doing the same fitness routine but using their own personal Intensity level and getting super benefits from it in terms of pounds lost and lean muscle gains.

Here is a Scale that you can use to gauge your intensity levels:

  • Level 1 = Warm-Up or Slow Pace
  • Level 2 = Jog or Medium Pace
  • Level 3 = Run or Hard Pace
  • Level 4 = Fast Run or Very Hard Pace
  • Level 5 = Sprint or All Out Burst (based on your current level of personal condition*)

*Intensity levels are different for every person and are based on your current condition, age, gender, or other limitations, so please gauge your intensity level based on where you’re at right now personally. You can also apply this scale to other types of exercise besides running or sprinting.

If you already have one of our programs such as the 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution, the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss System or the 4 Cycle Solution then you have everything you need to apply the Intensity key to these routines and see the fat start to burn away. If you haven’t decided which one to use yet, then you can review each of them by clicking the links below –

7 Day Ab Targeted Solution

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss System

4 Cycle Solution

Here are a few final reminders for getting the most out of any Intensity based fat loss plan.

  1. Always warm-up and cool down for 4 to 5 minutes minimum
  2. Feel free to walk briskly for 10 to 30 minutes afterwards if time permits. A lot of research shows this will help the heart utilize oxygen properly and enhance fat loss by burning off the Free Fatty Acids that your body will release during high intensity bursts of exercise.
  3. Get enough sleep. Adequate rest will let your body heal and build lean muscle to replace the fat. Also if you do the right workouts then you can continue to burn fat even in your sleep.
  4. Finally remember, More is not Better! You can go from exercising 8 to 10 hours every week all the way down to 4 to 5 hours a week and double your results at the same time. You just need the right sequence to perform to do so.

So remember to find and use your personal intensity level with the right plan and watch the fat burn off.

Until next time, Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff



Top 10 Guidelines for a Fit Lifestyle


The question we get asked all the time is: “What can I do to lose weight and keep it off?”

Now there are many tricks out there that can potentially double or triple the results of the following information. But if you follow these steps consistently you can program your metabolism to become a fat burning machine now.


Here are the 10 Law for a healthy lifestyle:

1. Lift weights – Simple truth, resistance training is the number one way to burn more fat and calories. It has a two main benefits. First it produces more lean muscle tissue so you will end up burning more calories even while resting. Second, when done correctly, a weight training workout can speed up your metabolism for up to 12 hours longer than most traditional cardio sessions.

2. Eat smaller meals more often – If you eat 5-6 smaller meals a day you will change your bodies routine. Most people who eat 1-3 meals a day are setting up their bodies to be fat storing machines. A well timed meal plan will provide your body with a constant supply of nutrients throughout the day while managing your blood sugar. It will also skyrocket your metabolism and reprogram your body for weight loss.

3. Combine Lean Protein with Fibrous Carbs each meal – This allows your body to be in a fat burning environment all day long. With proper portion control you can also stabilize insulin which can allow your body to potentially use stored fat as fuel.

4. Detox and Flush your system with Water – Water and detoxifying work hand in hand with diet and exercise to keep your body free of many illnesses and diseases and working properly. If you don’t get enough water the whole system can quickly break down and you will lose the positive effects of your efforts. Water is responsible for the delivery and transport of all processes that take place in the body (fat burning, recovery, digestion, etc) so make sure you are giving your body the fluids it needs to keep going. This means drinking 8 to 12 eight ounce glasses of water or more each day.

5. Eat more “Clean” Protein – Eating more protein will curb your cravings for carbs and in return you will have more energy and allow your body to reach its fat metabolizing potential. It also provides the building blocks of muscles and provides nutrients needed for hormones, enzymes, antibodies and neurotransmitters. Lastly, it has a greater thermic effect allowing your body to consistently burn more calories.

6. Do Cardio first thing after waking up – Not only is this a great way to start your day, it will also rev up your metabolism to be a fat burning furnace. You could actually speed up your metabolism for a full two days after a cardio session if done correctly it can cut your workout time down significantly.


7. Avoid “Dirty” Carbohydrates – We have to avoid refined carbs, especially the while ones that everyone eats. The only way to live a healthy lifestyle if to eat balanced meals with clean fibrous carbohydrates, clean lean proteins and small amounts of friendly fats. It is true that our bodies need carbs to fuel our brains, body and muscles. However, if we continue to consume refined white or sugary carbs, we will program our bodies to store more fat, have less energy and increase our risk of unwanted diseases.

8. Get more rest and take liquid vitamins – Working out and eating right are just the stimuli for reaching your goals. The results you see actually occur while you are resting each night. When you train hard and eat right, you are putting stress on your body and this causes you to need more rest and will also deplete your nutrients. By getting enough sleep for recovery and taking a liquid vitamin supplement you will allow your body to fill in the missing gaps in the nutrition and fat loss equation.

9. Consume 30 grams of Fiber daily and avoid starchy carbs at the end of the day – Early in the day, carbs are used for energy and fuel the body and brain. When you eat carbs later in the day or at night, your metabolism has slowed so your need for fuel decreases. Your body is more likely to store those extra carbs as unwanted ugly body fat. So try avoiding carbs for your last two means of the day, making them mostly lean protein and small amounts of vegetables with friendly fats.

10. Be consistent, not perfect – If you follow the above steps closely you will burn fat, much more fat than most people are used to. But we are all human which means we will fall off the program for time to time. The key to achieving great results is knowing that when you do lose your way, you must get back on track instead of giving up. A great way to combat this temptation and to reward yourself for all your hard work is to use a “free day” or “cheat day” once a week. This will give you something positive to focus on and is a fantastic “calorie shock” to your body. Remember, Consistency and not perfection is the key to giving your body the programming it needs to be in a fat burning mode “naturally” all day long.

So there you have it. 10 basic tips for fat loss success. Most of us tend to over complicate things and make these guidelines too difficult to follow.

Remember: “Nothing tastes as good as being in great shape feels” and “Half of getting what you want out of life is understanding what you have to give up to get it”

For a complete 8 week nutrition and exercise plan, check out The 4 Cycle Solution

If you are looking for just an exercise program to go along with these tips then take a look at The 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution


- Customer Support Staff

Try this now and watch your confidence explode

We hear of so many people who want to lose weight or get fit only focusing on the physical aspect of those goals. They completely miss out on something just as important for their success with any fat loss plan.

That is the mental aspect of fat loss and what role it plays in helping you stick with your plan.

Even if you have one of the most powerful plans on the planet (like our 7 Day Abs) in your hands and you plan out every detail, you’ll never succeed if you don’t have the mental discipline to follow through.

This is where the difference between knowledge and wisdom becomes important.

Knowledge is good and you need to learn what steps to take in order to reach your current health and fitness goals. Of course if that is all you ever do, just keep learning about how to lose weight but you never try it, then that knowledge is wasted.

So in order to succeed you must apply Wisdom to your fat loss plan. Wisdom is using your Knowledge and taking action on what you know.

The great news is that this Wisdom is not just for a special group of important people. Anyone who learns this difference and applies it to the right program will start to see amazing results in their bodies and overall health.

Want to know how to follow through with your commitments, have more discipline and use this wisdom to build unimaginable confidence?

Then you must master the following rule –

Always Do Feared Things First

Here is how it works…

The very first thing you want to do even before planning any training and nutrition plan – is to sit down and make a list of what’s in your schedule that could potentially get you off track or that you might want to put off because of fear.

You know what we are talking about. Whether it’s the kids going back to school, social gatherings, parties, football season, or friends. It’s called life. Now that you’re AWARE of what could get in your way, you’re half way there.

Here is how to beat these fears and build confidence:


For the next 7 days, agree to take 15 to 30 minutes every night before bed and do the follow 2 things.

  1. Plan your next day of nutrition and exercise in advance

There are things you know you have to do each day, such as driving the kids to school or making food for the family or being at your job on time. If it’s on your schedule it’s going to get done. Treat your exercise session exactly the same way.

Now imagine you are having a party at your house. You wouldn’t let everybody just show up, open up your fridge and hope for the best – would you? Nope. You plan ahead and have everything cooked and prepared ahead of time. You would plan out and schedule it in detail.

Treat your daily nutrition the just like that. Plan and pack everything

necessary in advance so you’re prepared and not tempted to cheat or eat fast food.

  1. Make a list of the 5 things you must complete the next day for you to have success

We call it the “Win List”. After you’ve written these 5 things (no more, no less), figure out which item on the list you dread and fear the most.

Next, make sure you accomplish this item first before you do anything else.

This is the most important takeaway from this article. Doing your most feared thing first will empower you and build your confidence unlike anything you’ve ever done.

This automatically makes tackling the rest of your “Win List” feel a heck of a lot easier. In fact, when you do feared things first, you’re almost guaranteed to annihilate your win list and take your personal discipline to a whole new level.

Put this into action right away and watch your confidence explode.

We would love to hear how this works for you. Please send us your success stories or any comments or thoughts to:


- Customer Support Staff


Use This Powerful Formula To Make Fat Disappear

Abraham Lincoln once said: “A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

So how do you get yourself the rest of the way when it comes to Fat Loss success and your goals?

- The answer is called the S.M.A.R.T. formula -

Here’s how it works:

  • Specific. Break down your goals. When, where, what time, how many, etc.
  • Measurable. You can’t track your goals if you don’t consistently measure. Tracking and measuring equals consistent progress.
  • Action-oriented. Based on Action. Always use a verb (e.g., “Achieve,” “Finish,” “Eat”, “Exercise,” “Complete,” etc.)
  • Realistic. You need to make sure you stretch and push yourself, but don’t create disappointment or a lack of balance by being unrealistic. This is different for every person.
  • Time-bound. (with a deadline) 5 year, 1 year, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, etc.

Now that you know how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals, let’s give you a detailed goals action plan.

  1. Pick one area of your life, preferably fat loss, but ANY area will work.
  • Health, Fitness, and Fat Loss
  • Family and Relationships
  • Career, Hobbies, or Passion
  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Love Life or Marriage
  • Money and Finance
  1. You HAVE to write them down.  We recommend hand written goals. Study after study shows you’re more likely to remember and apply things that you write down. Write 3 to 5 goals based on the criteria above. Here’s a great approach to start with…
  • 6 month
  • 1 month
  • Weekly
  • Daily

When you break your goals down like this, you give yourself small steps. This allows you to achieve your goals in a realistic and progressive manner.

  1. Read your goals aloud to yourself at least one time a week. Doing this every day is even better. Keep your goals in front of you somewhere you’ll see them everyday. Out of sight = out of mind.
  2. Visualize the goal as being already achieved in your head when you say it. This is BIG. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you visualize and what you actually see, so focus on seeing the goal achieved. This is probably the most powerful aspect of goal setting. If you struggle with visualization, find some pictures you can look at to help you see the goal already achieved. Practice this step and it will get easier.
  3. Use an affirmation statement by re-stating the goal in present or past tense as if it were already achieved.

Example: “I, John Galt have been able to fit into my size 32 jeans for over a year straight now!” This is best done when you’re all alone with no distractions.

  1. Take action! If you don’t act on your goal after using these 5 steps, you’re obviously just wasting your time and energy.

So there you go!

A Complete action plan on how you can set and achieve ANY goal in ANY area of your life. The rest is up to you.


- Customer Support Staff

What exercise can you do for your back at home?

Your back is one of the larger muscle groups and supports the other muscles most of the time. If you neglect your back then it can lead to many problems and will actually stunt the growth of other muscles in your body. If you do not strengthen the muscles in the back then your whole body structure will look off and can cause issues with your spine.

One of the reasons many people do not work their back as often or as much as they should is because they are not sure what types of exercise are best. We are going to show you today one very good exercise for targeting the muscles in your back. Even better, this movement can be done without the use of weights or having to leave your home.

So what is the exercise to use in this case? 

We recommend using an inverted row. This is a great way to use your body weight to still get a great workout for your back and you don't have to have big gym equipment or install anything. 

If you do a search for this exercise on YouTube or Google it, you will find all kinds of variations to try. Once you find one you like, you will be amazed at how working your back properly each week will improve all aspects of your fitness routine.

Here is a great example of one of those variations. It is a video showing how to perform this exercise with common household objects: Inverted Row Exercise at Home

If you want more options for working out at home and have access to weights you can check out the 4 Cycle Solution Exercise Pack:

You will get access to a huge video database and detailed instructions on how to use each exercise. 

We hope this helps.



- Customer Support Staff

What if I want a program that doesn't take up too much time?

One of the great things about the programs Shaun creates is that they don’t just give you a routine to follow but they also teach you what your body needs to maximize weight loss and keep you in great physical shape.

So once you use our systems you will be able to create a shorter version of the routines we provide to use when you just don’t have enough time to complete a full session.

In fact the 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution gives you a base workout that is only 12 minutes long for each day of the program. Then is adds other suggestions to that base routine to boost your bodies fat burning ability. To check out the 7 Day Ab system click the following link:

If you would like other options for a shorter workouts or if you just want access to routines to be able to keep things exciting we did research and found some programs a few of our friends in the industry have created that will give you what you are looking for.

Here are the links to these programs so you can check them out for yourself:

Adam Steer’s - Body weight burn:

Dr. Jade Teta’s - Metabolic Aftershock:

Sylvia Favela’s - Body Weight Pilates:

Remember that consistency is the key. So having some quick workout options is a good way to make sure you keep your body moving each day and maintain the amazing progress you have already achieved.

Thank you and Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

What in your kitchen is keeping you Fat?

There seem to be two main issues our community members face when trying to eat right.

  1. It’s boring eating heatlhy! – So many plans have a very limited selection of foods you can eat. Who else is sick and tired of chicken and broccoli over and over again?
  2. Not taking a closer look at so called “Health Foods” – Almost all of the major food brands have now jumped on the “Healthy” food bandwagon and offer many different choices. But are these products really good for you?

So, what really is in Your kitchen?

Is it a good supply of foods that actually help your body burn fat, or could it be the fake health food that will turn off your fat burning triggers in your body and keep you from reaching your goals?

You may be surprised to find out that the simple way you approach and consume your so-called “healthy foods” could actually be making you put on ugly fat and unwanted weight.

These so-called “healthy foods” stimulate hormones and chemical reactions in your body that actually force your body into a fat storing zone.

One of the main problems with these fake diet foods:

They don’t contain anything natural. Almost everything is processed and full of chemicals that our bodies are simply not designed to consume and digest.


Let’s take a look at some of the foods that many think are good for them.

These companies spend millions of dollars to deceive the consumer (all of us) into believing this stuff is healthy, when they’re really just fat storing foods in disguise.

We typically see foods listed such as:

  • soy milk
  • soy foods (tofu, veggie burgers, etc.)
  • juices (orange juice, apple juice, etc.)
  • regular or skim milk
  • energy drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.)
  • diet sodas
  • low carb foods (we call them “fake” foods)
  • low fat processed cheeses
  • low fat yogurts
  • canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil
  • wheat pastas
  • protein bars (really just like a Snickers with a little protein added)
  • unhealthy nuts
  • peanut butter
  • diet foods (desserts, ice creams, chips etc.)
  • corn products (found in almost everything that says low carb)
  • diet crackers
  • diet cereals
  • granola bars
  • diet drinks
  • frozen diet dinners
  • rice cakes
  • whole wheat products
  • margarine or alternative fake butter products
  • the list goes on and on…

Are your cupboards are loaded with foods these foods you thought were healthy for you?

These are the same exact foods that are actually causing weight gain, suppressing your fat burning hormones and destroying your energy all at the same exact time.

This means even if you lose weight initially, chances are you’ll gain all the weight right back if these foods are a part of your plan.

What can we all do about it?

The truth is we are all going to eat these foods at times no matter what. The Key is Awareness and Moderation.

If you know what is in your kitchen then you can control when and how much of these foods you eat. You can consume most of these foods and still stay lean, if you do it right. One way to do this is to avoid them at least 5 days a week.

Need help put these two suggestions to work in your life?

This 4 Cycle Solution could be your answer.

It will help you know when you can eat what you like and then when you need to focus on feeding your body what it needs to burn fat and feel great.

Here is a link to learn more about how you can turn your body into a fat burning machine and still enjoy many different foods and dinners with friends and family: The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

We hope this helps you reach your current health and fitness goals.

Until next time enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

What to do if you get some unwanted side effects

or your body starts to detox on the program?

Depending on your current levels on fitness and health your body can experience a wide range of effects when starting any new nutrition and exercise program.

Some of the positive results are fat loss, increased energy, better sleep and overall happiness. If you stick with the program long enough these are the results that stick with you and the reason why so many of our community members make our programs part of their lifestyles.

Others have experienced some less than desirable side effects when starting the program such as, intestinal discomfort, soreness, fatigue, insomnia and headaches. While these uncomfortable effect usually only last a few days and tend to decrease in intensity quickly we wanted to provide you with some tips that others have found useful in dealing with them.

Many of these negative results are because of your body going into detox. The program is flooding your body with so much good stuff that your body has to get rid of the toxins and other junk in your system. This is what causes the detox. The good news is that while uncomfortable it means your body is beginning to heal and is moving towards a more healthy and positive state. It also shows that the bad feelings will not last.

Here are some tips that will help you speed up this process and will minimize these symptoms:

  1. Increase your water intake to avoid dehydration
  2.  Switch out the broccoli for another vegetable on the approved list for a day or two
  3. Try skipping the coffee for a couple days and see if that helps
  4. Chamomile tea or fresh ginger will help calm unsettled stomachs.
  5. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts (1 cup) to draw out any toxins
  6. Make sure to stretch before and after your workouts and try using a foam roller to help remove lactic acid stored in your muscles.
  7. Breathe. Practice deep breathes. Try to breathe in through your nose for a count of 4. Have the breathe start low in your body image it going into your lower stomach and not your chest. Hold for a count of 4. Then slowly exhale through your mouth for a count of 4. Do this for 2-4 minutes every day. This can also help with feelings of sleeplessness.
  8. Try not to stress. Don’t worry too much about the program. You don’t have to get everything exactly right. The key to any system is consistency. So do your best to just stick with it and you will start to see results quickly.

    If this does not work and if the issue continues you may want to see your doctor to make sure nothing else is going on.

    Our customer support team is always here to help you at any time. Just send them a message with your questions at:

Thank you and Enjoy!

- Customer Support Staff

Why Are There No Leg Training Days In 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program?

If you have been doing weight training or studing health and fitness for any time at all you know one of the biggest mistakes people make is to neglect leg day workouts. Your legs have some of the largest muscles in your body and if you only workout your upper body you run the risk of quickly becoming uneven. 

Have you ever noticed those guys on the beach with a large chest and super tiny chicken legs? That is what happens when you don't even out your workout routines. Another problem that can arise is that your smaller muscles will actually prevent your other muscles from growing. You body like symmetry and will try to maintian that balance.

So then why are there no set days for leg workouts?

There are some very specific reasons why this was done. So let's review them briefly below:  

1. Your legs get hammered on everyday of the plan with the GH surge workouts starters, bursting AND HIRT workouts with the sprints/intervals, so there's just no way your legs could recover. If you tear down your muscles and do not allow time for them to rebuild properly you will quickly hit a wall in your gains and strength growth. 

2. This was also done to prevent serious injury. Another mistake many body builders make is over training. This program was designed to hit all the major muscles groups during the 14 days. So if you had a specific day for legs, it would throw off the balance and again. I promise after the frist week you will see what we are talking about and you will notice your legs will be good and tired.

3. This is a 14 day RAPID fat loss plan, so it's strategically designed for rapid fat loss. Legs are very important to focus on when building muscle. When your goal is getting the most weight loss in a certain amount of time, then you have to change your exercise protocol to make sure that happens. That means focusing your time and efforts on movements that will give your body the best combiniation high intensity exercises and specific timing, which will turbo charge your fat burning system. 

Just following the plan directly will give your legs all the workout they need. The HIRT workout combined with the bursts/interval and/or sprints will work the living heck out of all the major muscle groups in your lower half.  Anymore would be overkill and potentially cause injury during this aggressive fat loss burst.

We hope this makes our thinking clearer and motivates you to get started with day 1 of your 14 day program as soon as possible. We can't wait to hear your personal success story in the near future!

- Customer Support Staff


Why is Soy Based Protein not the Best Option?


While it is true that Soy does have a higher protein per grams count than many other non-whey protein powders, total protein grams is not the only factor. There are a few other important aspects to consider when choosing your protein source.

Finding non GMO soy products is getting harder and harder to do, even when they are labeled GMO free. Even if you do find an all natural source of Soy protein, all soy actually raises bad estrogen levels in the body. This has the potential to lead to a lot of other health problems with long term use.

If you must use a Soy protein then we suggest that you use a protein blend. You can mix it with a pea or rice protein so you can get a good balance of complete proteins in each serving.

We also suggest using a Whey based protein if you do not have any dietary restrictions preventing it. The one that we use and recommend to our clients and customer and use ourselves is from our friends at BioTRUST nutrition.

You can check it out by using the following link: BioTRUST Low Carb (Low Carb Time-Released Protein Blend)


Here are just a few reasons we think it is one of the best options on the market:

- 100% All-Natural, Hormone-Free

- No Artificial Colors, Sweeteners or Flavors

- Time-Released Four Protein Blend

- Only 4g of Net Carbs Per Serving

- 4 Grams of High Quality Fiber

We hope this helps you with your choice on what protein source to use and wish you much success with your health and fitness goals.

- Customer Support Staff