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How to Unzip Over 40 Abs Files on an iPad

If you use an iOS device, then you know it’s a pretty thorough system and works very well. There are several apps available in the App Store that allow you to open ZIP files on an iPad. If you only want an app that lets you open, manage, and work with ZIP files, we highly recommend iZip, which is available for both iPhone and iPad, free and paid versions.

You can follow these steps that other community members have used to successfully load the files on their iPad.

  1. Download the free version of iZip from the App store
  1. Click on this link from your email on your iPad:
    Over 40 Abs: Over 40 Ab Solution Main Package

  2. It will open in Safari and show you a blue link "Your Over 40 Ab Solution System" after the Click Here ----> text. Press that blue link now  
  1. A new tab will open showing the zip file and ask you how you want to open it. Press the link that says “Open in…”  
  1. A pop up menu will appear with app choices. Find “open in iZip” and press the icon above the text  
  1. iZip will open and ask if you want to “Extract all files?” press “OK”  
  1. You will then see the 6 pdf files included in your purchase. Starting from the bottom up press the lowest pdf, it will be titled “Over 40 A…n Guide.pdf”  
  1. You will see the guide cover appear. Below the cover image you will see “Open In” link on the bottom left. Press that icon now.  
  1. A new pop up menu will open. Press the icon above the title “Open in iBooks”  
  1. iBooks should open and the guide should load for you.  
  1. If it does not go back to the previous screen and repeat steps 8 & 9.  
  1. Repeat steps 7-9 for all 6 of the guides and you will then have them all saved to your iBooks for easy reference.


Please also know that sometimes, depending on your internet connection the file will not save correctly. You can try to delete the file and then download it again from the link below:

Over 40 Abs:


If you run into any problems or have any questions, you can always contact our support team,, for further assistance.